Connor Pilcher – Assembly speech – Move out of your comfort zone


Moving out of your comfort zone is something we often are too afraid to do.  For me making this speech today pushes me well beyond this limit.  For those of you who have done your Myers Briggs personality profiling you will know what it means to be either introverted or extroverted.  So, for somebody who is introverted like myself it is a real challenge.  Whilst others may thrive of the adrenaline hit it might take some more convincing for others.  If you keep pushing your limits continuously, the boundary of what you feel is uncomfortable will expand and become the normal.  Once you begin to expand this boundary you become more prepared for stressful environments that you are likely to encounter later in life.  It is said that some of the best things happen when you’re uncomfortable.  These situations can challenge yourself and help you grow.  Commit to giving the situation a try and with your best effort.  Keep your expectations low to alleviate additional pressure.  Coach yourself through the tough time and ask questions like “what’s the best or worst thing that could happen?”  This simple technique helps to diminish unnecessary thinking.  However, don’t do it alone.  Enlist the help of friends and colleges and ask them how they got through the fear of stepping outside of their comfort zone.  I’ll leave you with this thought, what’s the worst that could possibly happen?



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