Habits of Mind

Franky Maroney-Vita – Assembly speech Thursday 11 May 2017

Be Precise and Accurate



This week’s habit of mind is being precise and accurate. There are essentially two components to this habit of mind, being precise and being accurate. Both are very important when it comes to many aspects of your life and in order to get the best results in all areas you must have both precision and accuracy, as they work hand in hand.

To be precise is to be consistent, whether it be in; collecting reliable data for your biology, chemistry or physics experiment, throwing stable passes on the rugby field or frequently proofreading, checking and revisiting topics and tasks you have covered throughout your term.

So if precision is to be consistent, what is accuracy? To be accurate is to be correct. Accuracy can be applied to many aspects of my schooling life. For example, it is important that I am applying myself in the classroom in order to get the answers to complex questions correct. Additionally, it was important for me to be accurate while rowing, as I needed the closest to perfect blade technique that I could achieve in order for me to row with efficient strokes. Furthermore, it is always important for me to use a correct choice in words and phrasing when communicating with friends, family and others; in order to clearly convey what I am trying to say.

In conclusion both precision and accuracy are of upmost importance, but both are needed in conjunction in order to achieve the best results in any aspect of your life; as it is no use being consistent if you are consistently incorrect, and it is no use being correct if you are only correct a small percentage of the time.

“Be precise and accurate. Clarity adds strength to your conviction.”

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