Be Precise and Accurate

Lachie Vine

This week’s habit of mind is ‘Be precise and accurate’. Being precise and accurate is having the ability to recognise a weakness, setting a realistic goal then working towards it in a manner, which is effectively precise and accurate. This isn’t always an easy task. It requires motivation and in some cases mental strength.

This habit of mind is used every day, whether it is in a classroom for a subject like maths when an individual is figuring out a complex math equation or a sports field like soccer where each kick counts in order to score a goal.

The First XI soccer team apply this skill when they accurately and precisely pass the ball around to create a chance on goal. Lachlan Armstrong the set piece specialist also applies this habit of mind when taking free kicks or corners.

All teams must be precise and accurate in preparation for their games to be successful.

However being precise and accurate doesn’t mean to never make mistakes, it is a part of the process you take after you make a mistake to ensure it doesn’t happen twice.

Thank you.






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