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Jasna Poezus – Gifted and Talented Programs Coordinator – Preschool to Year 6

On Friday, October 6, 25 extremely fortunate Year 6 students travelled to Bond University to participate in an interactive learning experience at the Faculty of Health Science and Medicine, Anatomy and Histology Laboratory. Guided by Dr Chabert  – (Urologist and father of Louis (Yr 8), Etienne (Yr 6) and Claude (Yr 4); Dr McClintock (Urologist and father of Thomas (Yr 6); and Dr Stirling (Associate Professor Clinical Anatomy); students were encouraged to explore this state-of-the-art facility.

Whether or not any of the students attending wanted to become a Biomedical Scientist, an Exercise and Sports Scientist or study Medicine, the experience enhanced the students capacity to further understand our miraculous bodies and how they work. The laboratory contains essential resources such as an extensive collection of modern anatomical models, histology slide collection and high-quality student microscopes all of which, the boys had free range and access to. It is also fitted to handle human cadaveric materials, so once the boys donned on surgical gloves and gown, they were permitted to view and handle these material.

The biggest hit on the day was the virtual reality medical classroom. Without a doubt this is a brilliant way to learn and a fine example of modern technology, enhancing, motivating and cementing learning.

Needless to say this excursion has been a wonderful ‘hook’ and introduction to our Term 4 Unit on Brainology and Intelligence. It triggered deep questioning and developed student understandings, particularly as our parent doctors were there to explain intricate details about everything anatomical and medical. We are so grateful to have experienced such an opportunity. This would not have been possible without the generosity and support of our two parents and Bond University staff on the day.

Thank you Dr Chabert, Dr McClintock, Dr Stirling and the tech staff for your support

An interactive lesson on anatomy with Dr McClintock

The virtual classroom was a great hit

Exploring real samples of tissues, cells and bloods using powerful microsopes

Life sized models – a puzzling experience

State of the art technology supports learning

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