Holy Week 2021

Mr Andrew Hawkins, Headmaster

This Sunday, March 28, is the first day of Holy Week. During Holy Week, Christians recall the events leading up to Jesus’ death by crucifixion and, according to their faith, his Resurrection. Holy Week includes five days of special significance including Good Friday next week. I chose to work in an Anglican school because I feel strongly that the beliefs of the Anglican church have great synergies with education. The Anglican faith doesn’t pretend to have all of the answers and the best classroom teachers guide students with questions as opposed to provide students with answers. I feel the Anglican church has a similar approach to life.

The reality of the modern day TSS, although we are an Anglican school, is that fewer parents choose this school for their son because of its Anglican foundations. Most families choose TSS because of its experience and success in educating boys and the many and varied offerings available to boys that attend the School. The significance of Holy Week and Lent prior to Easter has probably diminished for the majority of families in the western world. Although this may be the case for some, this time of year hopefully remains a time of reflection for our TSS families.

We certainly are not over the Covid-19 pandemic but we are certainly feeling like things are slowly getting back to our new normal here at TSS. I heard from Chief Economist, Saul Eslake, yesterday and his message was about the economic legacy that will be left by Covid-19 for many years to come and that birth rates are currently so low that this will have a genuine impact on Kindergarten enrolments in three to four years. Although there will be challenges from Covid-19 moving forward what Covid-19 has taught us in the short-term is to focus on what is important. Family, friends and education are some of those things that we now take less for granted than we may have done this time last year.

As I reflect on Term One, I am reminded of how resilient our boys are. Like last year’s Seniors, our current cohorts at Prep and Senior have an opportunity to have excuses for poor academic results and sporting results. We at TSS are seeing quite the opposite due to the disruptions caused by Covid-19. Like the 2020 Seniors, our current senior cohort have remained focussed in the lead-up to the exams they are sitting this week and next. Our sailors won the last ever GPS Sailing Championship this term; our Swimmers and Debaters will finish in the top three schools across the GPS; Cricket will come down to the last game, but the cricket gods seem as though they might shine down on TSS in 2021 but we will have to wait until Saturday to find out. If you have no experience with Rowing, it is hard to comprehend such a mentally and physically challenging activity. One that requires six months of preparation for one six-minute race. Like swimming, there is always a small margin between winning and losing and our Rowers left nothing out on the water after a very close Head of the River.

While many families may not celebrate Holy Week, we do hope that you find time to reflect on the start to the year. We hope that new boys to TSS in 2021 have been able to make new friendship groups and no longer find the large campuses as daunting as they found them during their first few days. If the transition to TSS is still overwhelming for your son please feel free to contact our Health and Wellbeing Team on both Campuses, the Classroom Teacher at Prep, or the Housemaster on the Senior Campus. We hope families are finding their routines manageable in this busy school and you can find a balance for families and friends, particularly as we approach Easter.

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