The habit of mind for this fortnight is ‘Be Curious’. This trait is displayed regularly by successful leaders and those who find success in their given fields as it is necessary for them to question and further investigate things that could contribute further to their success. To be curious is to regularly question, explore and study little things or things that grab your attention further; being curious can easily bump you ahead of the rest of the field when it comes to academics or sport.

In the classroom you can be curious when it comes to assessment and assignments. I challenge everyone here today, when you receive your next assignment results back to thoroughly check your results and the teachers feedback and if you aren’t 100% satisfied or see something that doesn’t seem quite right, be curious, ask to make a time with your teacher to further discuss the feedback you were given and make an effort to understand what you did wrong and if you’re lucky you may even get your grade bumped up if you’ve found a mistake in the marking.

A great example of a group of people who apply the Habit of Mind ‘Be Curious’ are the Open A debating team especially Tosh Allen. Tosh as third speaker on the team must be curious in his role, Tosh will listen intently to the oppositions arguments and points made, apply the habit of mind, then proceed to grill the opposition with a barrage of questions and facts that leave them close to tears and no hope of winning.

Being curious is a very handy habit of mind to develop and can prove to be incredibly helpful for you in your life during and after school when trying to solve problems or achieving goals. I’ll leave you with a quote from Albert Einstein who said “I have no special talents, I’m just passionately curious.”

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