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Mr Dan Saw, McKinley Housemaster

The annual Boom ma Lacka lunch was a cracker!  Huge thank you to all those families who were able to make it.  It was a great reminder that Boarding is not just about the ‘boys’ – it is a journey for parents and an opportunity in our lives where we all can forge new relationships and meet life-long friends.  Every year, it is always an ‘each-way bet’ for our Year 12 cohort as to who will miss McKinley and Boarding more; the boys or the parents!

Year 12 are at the business end, currently sitting Mock Exams with their review sessions planned for next week.  They are well-aware of the stakes at play over the next two months, so it is important they keep prioritising healthy eating, sleep and exercise.  It goes without saying, regular study that is structured by a well-organised schedule is the key to academic success.  The upcoming break should not be viewed as a holiday for Year 12!

Wylie and Mr Pook will reflect on recent House activities and GPS sport; however, I would like to focus on a particular event of the House Cluster, Declamations.  Declamations requires the individual to stand in front of the audience and deliver (unassisted) a ~5min inspirational speech.  Clearly, the preparation required to perform at a high level is immense and the pure courage to stand in front of your peers and staff is even more impressive.  Well done the Dan Ramsay (Year 8) and Ben Postle (Year 11) – this event is always one of my favourite moments of the year and you certainly did us proud this year.

Following is a sample of the boys speeches – enjoy!


Captains Corner – Wylie Bucknell (Vice-Captain)

McKinley has seen an eventful few weeks to finish off the Term with multiple clusters and boys finishing assignments and moving into exams. Recently we had the Swimming Carnival which was a shorter format than usual but still saw all the boys in McKinley getting in the water like the sharks we are. We are pleased to announce that we finished in 3rd place overall – apparently the best result EVER for McKinley! On the same day we had Chess where we came a strong 11th with a strong performance from Blake Raymond. We also had Theatre Sports, led by Fred Cameron and Matthew Eddy, who achieved a solid 9th due to Fred’s mature drama skills. Along with these we had two courageous men compete in House Declamations.  Ben Postle in the Senior and Dan Ramsay in Junior, results are yet to be confirmed but I’m sure the boys went well.



Pook’s Review (Assistant Housemaster – Mr Aaron Pook)

As what has been a massive term in McKinley comes to a close, we reflect on the sporting achievement and participation of weekend sport. This term, the vast majority of boys have participated in either GPS Rugby or Basketball. In addition, boys who for a variety of reasons that do not play, either through injury and circumstance, McKinley has been front and centre of driving school culture and pride. No more evident than last Saturday, in a tense and wet First XV fixture – Martin Price leading the Sharky Army in their most raucous of war cry’s. Cheering on from the sidelines, Blake Raymond, Caleb Laifoo and Wylie Bucknell representing the First XV in what can potentially be a joint premiership as we lead into the final round against Ipswich Grammar. Earlier in the day, the open Sixth XV, Fifth XV and Fourth XV are well represented by McKinley men, playing with grit, tenacity and perseverance. I am fortunate enough to referee many of these fixtures, however much is left desired of the Open Sixth XV… Charlie Nolan represents the 15D’s with pride as Harry Dawson does in the 16A’s. Breeny also represents the House in Basketball with distinction. It’s always a great experience on home days, watching the boys from all years levels and abilities ‘having a crack’ and then coming together to support the school at 2:15.

Further to the sporting achievements at GPS, McKinley also recognises the achievements of boys like Charlie Irwin. Charlie is a very keen and talented soccer player, mostly playing outside of GPS (outside of Term Two) sport because of his rigorous training commitments and competition clashes with GPS sport. Charlie (Stingray) is a very much loved character in McKinley and we love hearing about his progress on the football pitch. He loves West Ham United and has been invited over to the UK soon to train at their academy. Go Charlie!

Thank you again to all the families for your generosity and support throughout the term, notably at the most recent Boom Ma Lacka lunch. Such a unique aspect of McKinley House and our culture. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Boarder in Profile

In the essence of developing our community we will profile one or two of the boys each Newsletter.  This time around, we feature Sam Ferris (Year 8)

  1. Where are you from:  “I’m from a small town called Burren Junction in Northwest NSW”
  2. First impressions of joining McKinley at the start of the year: “My first impression of McKinley was a bit scary because I didn’t have much to do with the bigger boys and I didn’t know what they would think of me. And that I only knew the people that lived near me and the people that were in Rogers with me.”
  3. Highlights of Boarding in 2022: “When everyone comes down to watch the Firsts, it creates a great atmosphere!  Also when you go to the socials,  House singing when you sing in Chapel and you give it all your heart. Finally, I love House barbeque when everyone comes out to play touch.”
  4. Any tips for the Rogers boys joining us next year? “Be yourself and just have fun. But also own up to your mistakes and just be good to your mates.  Also be open to more friends.”
  1. Tell us something that we might not know about you: “I don’t like Roller Coasters!”

Machie’s musings…

It was wonderful to catch up again at the Boom ma Lacka lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed having a chat with you all, especially as I could not attend the McKinley Mother’s lunch.  This week our exceptional bunch of seniors are in the House for their Mock Exams and up to date are handling themselves with a very mature attitude. Exams have started also for the rest of the House with the usual “ I need a ruler, pen, calculator. “  When for I ask?   “Now” is the usual response. Some things never change over the years. The Cadet boys with a bit pf prompting, are getting organised for camp or so we hope. They are pretty busy as they are also packing up their room to get ready for holidays.  It’s a good way to finish off to what I think has been a great term for all the boys.

McKinley Calendar

Date Event
Monday 5th September Year 12 Mocks begin
Tuesday 6th September Year 7-8 Exams begin
Monday 12th September Year 10-11 Exams begin
Tuesday 13th September Year 8 & 9 Cadet Camp
Friday 16th September Term 3 Ends
Friday 21st October McKinley House Supper


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