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Mr Tony Watt – McKinley Housemaster

What a great start to the year (albeit with a little mayhem) for McKinley. The new boys are quickly being immersed into the House and are starting to form close friendships with peers.

I hope the McKinley community have enjoyed our attempts to be become more involved with social media – this hasn’t been easy for me I must say, but the boys are all behind it and are enjoying creating bits and pieces to ensure people can sense the unique and special tone we have. Please click on the below link to access Facebook and be sure to “Like” our page.

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The boys have been in full swing being fully involved in the life of the school.

The morning of our first Cross Country run. Look closely and see some of the boy’s faces knowing they are about to run 2km!


From House Captain Hugh Robinson

The duration of the first 2 weeks has seen many ups and downs within the House. With some astonishing assistance from the senior boys, all of the new boys were able to comfortably settle into their ‘home away from home.’ The first week consisted of regular whole House afternoon touch matches down on the river ovals as well as seeing Mr Watt getting involved in the House cricket matches on McKinley’s very own back lawn. With some magnificent fielding from the junior boys and some horrific batting from the House Master the boys have already got Mr Watt scratching at his pockets shouting the House Pizza. With the upcoming swimming carnival, week 2 saw the whole House diving into the pool only to discover some hidden swimming talent, a shock to the traditional McKinley ways. With a strong swimming squad, it is looking hopeful that the House will place in single digits this year. Towards the end of week unfortunately McKinley was struck by the gastro virus, however with the amazing work from health centre staff and resident staff, the boys were cured by the weekend. This lead into the traditional initiation of new boys into McKinley House. Each new boy learnt the war cry and belted it out at the top of their lungs in front of the whole House and at the conclusion were given a loud and glorious cheer by all the senior boys. It is great to already see the older and younger boys participating in House events together, from a fun game of back yard cricket to the ongoing House Pool and Ping Pong competition raising money for charity. I am proud to call myself a McKinley senior and am excited to see what the rest of the year brings.

From Matron Sharon

2018 and the boys have returned to McKinley, there was much excitement and happiness as they greeted one another and found their new rooms.  How pleased some of the year 10’s were to be sharing upstairs with the Senior boys. It was so lovely to welcome back familiar faces again and to greet new and somewhat anxious boys for the first time to our House.  Our poor garden suffered severely in the heat of summer and needed a lot of TLC. The pride in the House that our Captain, Hugh Robinson exudes is heart-warming. Upon asking ‘Condi’ if there was anything he wanted for the House as I was going shopping, he replied a sprinkler. Thanks to Condi and his Dad, Mr Alini and Mr Watt’s credit card we now have green grass and new plants.

The boys have settled into their rooms and have made them their own with photos up and personal belongings. From the delightful Dirranbandi kid, Martin Price to the quiet gentleman which is Daniel Final of Papua New Guinea our new boys of all ages are getting used to McKinley life and their school routines. Our seniors have been amazing young men so far taking the young ones under their care and watching out for them. We proudly say four of these boys, Tyronne Honeysett, Pauliasi Nadakuitavuki, Campbell Parata and Brock McMahon (Year 11) are offering their services to Rosies on the 21st of this month. Mark MacKenzie is doing a marvellous job running a pool competition which saw the table surrounded by barracking, enthusiastic boys at lunch today urging on the winner.  Stirling Smith was up against Lachlan Stewart and when the winning ball was sunk a rousing cheer went up as both boys shook hands.

This past week however caught us unaware, I was greeted by a poor sick Harry Blair very early last Thursday to say he was not well.  As the morning unfolded I discovered we were indeed not a well House at all.  Many of our boys have endured the virus and the overnight stay in the Annand Theatre, much like a big sleepover but one they don’t want to again.  Mr Watt has been extremely busy and with all the boys so sick, but poor chap he was not given much sympathy from me when he expressed at times maybe he was not quite well, I just told him forget it, he was good and thankfully he has been.  Mr Alini was having his own battle at the same time, his wife Katie was sick though luckily not with the virus, as he had 2 little ones to care for. The NSW boys were boasting how they were not sick, unfortunately the Cockroaches lived up to their reputation and succumbed to the virus as well.  We still have a few boys at the Health Centre, all the boys have been extremely brave as nowhere is like home when one is sick, though possibly there has been comfort in numbers.  Our nurses from the Health Centre have been excellent with our boys and liaising with the House.  Needless to say the washing has been mountainous, and I take this opportunity to say please accept my apology for any lost items, i.e. doonas and pillows as they all needed to be laundered. All the Houses have experienced the same virus so there have been a lot of clothing pass through the laundry, this being said, hopefully these items will surface again soon.

The House is getting back into shape, on a positive note it has been a bonding experience though one we could have done without.

Moving on and looking forward now with excitement to our swimming carnival.

Take Care


McKinley Matron


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