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Mr Daniel Saw, McKinley Housemaster

The boys are certainly finishing strongly!  A Term full of challenging commitments, such as Rowing, Cricket and Debating is now culminating with a rigorous assessment period.  It is impressive to see the boys switch gear and immerse themselves in study mode.  The House is calm and quiet and as I type the Year 12s are having a collaborative session in our common room with a number of Day Boys.  For me this is a great example of leadership in action – a great visual for the younger boys and hopefully an inspiration for the importance of academic preparation and also the benefits of working with other boys from different backgrounds.

Recently, Tash, Michael and I had the privilege of spending a weekend with our Years 8 and 11 boys across at the School’s Stradbroke Camp.  The intention of the camp was to provide a relaxed and informal setting for the boys to continue to build relationships, particularly regarding the Dorm Captains working with the younger boys.  It was nice to see the boys in their ‘natural element’ – mud fights, sand dune races, a few yarns around the campfire and most importantly (for a large percentage of McK Boys) – fishing!

Finally, it is important for us as a House to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding character traits that we regularly focus on regarding developing strong, empathetic and caring young men.  Last week, Will Brooks and Elijah Trevor-Jones (both Year 10) were off campus at a Rowing breakfast.  A woman came off her motorised scooter and was clearly in distress. Will and Elijah sprang into action – they helped the lady to safety and caringly made sure she was ok, then proceeded to walk the bike to a safe location so it could later be retrieved.  In true ‘Brooksy and Elijah style’, they did not boast about their efforts, it took a member of public to write to our Deputy Headmaster, Mr Bos, congratulating the boys on their outstanding character!  Well done boys!

Tash, Machie and I hope you all enjoy a safe and relaxing Easter.  Looking forward to an even bigger and stronger Term Two!

Following are some pics from the Straddie Camp:



Captains Corner – Stirling Smith (Vice Captain)

This Term has been jam packed with both academics and sport. Rowing, Cricket and Debating were the sports on offer. Rowing was a successful sport for McKinley with many boys participating at the Head of the River. Special mention to the Year 11 First and Second crews for winning their races. Also, special mention to House Captain Jock McCormack for rowing in the First VIII – his hard work was rewarded, regardless of the result on the day. In the Cricket world there have been many standout performances, such as Tom Kelly in the First XI. George Powell (Year 11As) and Rhys Radel (Second XI) have also had standout performances this season.  This weekend both the First XI and Second XI will be competing for a premiership. We wish the best of luck to both teams and hope that the McKinley boys perform especially well. Debating is an extra-curricular activity that takes a lot of courage and hard work to be involved in. Well done to Tom Ramsay for representing the House – it would be great to see more boys take up this challenge in the future!

With exam week beginning this week, the House has now shifted its focus to Academics. Many boys have been hard at work over the past few days in preparation for the exams. The study tips I would recommend are: completing past exams, writing flashcards and for the Seniors, take a look at the school’s new program, called Atomi.   We wish all the boys the best of luck in their exams.



Boarder in Profile – Henry Scott

In the essence of developing our community we continue to profile one of the boys in each newsletter.

“Hi, my name is Henry Scott and I am in Year 8.  I am from a cattle farm in Quilpie. I have two sisters, Emily and Jess and a brother called Cameron.  When I am at home, I like two drive my bike around the place and also hang out with my dogs.  McKinley is a great place to live as we have the best Year 12s and the best weekend activities! I am looking forward to playing Rugby in Term Three with all my friends. When I finish school my dream job is an Engineer.”

Machie’s musings…

It has been Wet! Wet! Wet!, as you are well aware! Our thoughts are with all of you who have been affected by the floods. The boys I must say have been marvelous, considering the weather, as they prepare to go into exam week.  With the end of the Term in sight we are all ready to go home. The senior boys are relieved to have finished classes from today as their exam block starts.

A busy time for the Seniors though; exams, helping to organize the House for Cross Country and then celebrating the end of term with their formal.  What a handsome lot they will be!

Just a small reminder to prompt the boys for next term, to bring back their rain jackets, hoodies, something comfy to snuggle up in at night and dare I say it, Yes I will, slippers!! The tiles in the House get so cold in the early mornings and it would be good to keep the sniffles away.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy, Safe Easter, I hope the Easter Bunny will visit you all, I know he will make a brief appearance at McKinley on Monday.  Enjoy your boys during the holidays.

Love Machie.

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