McKinley Boarding House

Mr Tony Watt | McKinley Housemaster

McKinley Window Wipers

Last Saturday, McKinley filled buckets and armed with a few cardboard signs, took to Dixon parade to clean windows to raise money for Homeless Connect. The boys did a fantastic job, appropriately stopping traffic to offer their cleaning services. All such cleaning carried out with a smile and plenty of hard work.

Alini Baby

At the time of writing, still no news on the addition to McKinley. We anticipate we won’t be waiting too much longer! The boys are becoming excited too, as well as Matron who is buzzing around the House with anticipation.


Last Friday the Year 9 McKinley lads participated in the pizza and Pictionary night. It was a great night where we found out that our Year 9 pupils couldn’t play Pictionary. In fact, they were woeful finishing in last place. Nonetheless, they enjoyed a good laugh as we tried to make sense of some of their primitive etchings.


The last week of the term is IDEALS Week where boys either attend Cadet Camp or are involved in a service learning activity. This year, McKinley are participating in two activities- a gardening project fixing the front garden on the road outside the House and a camping trip out west to carry out a number minor “fix it up” tasks on an Anglican Church. Specific details of this trip out west are currently being finalised but we anticipate it will be in the Charleville district.

Boys working around the House

Recently, a group of Year 10 boys came together to clean outside the front of the House, and in doing so, gave my driveway much needed love and attention. Mrs Watt was thrilled that I had finally managed to do a little manual labour about the House but was again disappointed that the rumour that “the boys had done it” was true. Nonetheless, thanks boys!


Sunday- Study Day

This term we have been attempting to make Sunday the main study day in the House. Over the years, I have noticed that those boys who seem to be diligently working on a Sunday, unsurprisingly have excellent diligence ratings with ever improving grades. We are trying to expand the groups of individuals into a whole House culture. Last Sunday, we even shouted a few boys a free meal across the road to recognise and reward their efforts with a Sunday treat.

House Captain Report

Riley Gall, McKinley House Captain

This term has been fairly uneventful and routine. On Saturday, some of you may have noticed, McKinley was on duty for windscreen cleaning for Homeless Connect. Most people who were available, chipped in for an hour and we raised a great deal of money. It is good to see that most boys are getting involved in something, even if it isn’t sport. Talking of sport, House Track and Field is coming up soon and we are starting to get organised. This year, we will try to get as many McKinley boys down to Throws training, which Ben Gibson tells me is the key to winning Track and Field. We might not be ranking up the top of the House Shield but that doesn’t stop us from having a crack.

Matron Report

Sharon Bielanowski, McKinley House Matron

McKinley has had a very busy week, well the Health Centre has, to say the least. The Sister even commented this morning, “What’s in the water at McKinley, they are all here.”  Lots of coughs and colds and unfortunately vomiting and diarrhoea too (how could we leave that out). So here’s hoping we have had our run (forgive the pun), we are all madly sanitising and washing our hands, and trying not to share too many germs with each other.
Hope you are all keeping well yourselves.

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