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It was with a great sense of pride that the boys and staff of McKinley House witnessed the announcement of our House Captain, Reilly Gall, as a Prefect of The Southport School.

Thursday’s assembly announcement was a just reward for a considerate and thoughtful young man. Reilly possesses a maturity beyond his years and demonstrates authentic leadership to all in the House. I have had the fortune of following Reilly throughout all of his formal schooling. I can vividly remember sitting in a sandpit talking with him when he was in Preschool and to now see him flourish in the manner in which he has a rewarding and memorable feeling indeed.


Furthermore, Mitch Lovett was announced as a Warden of the School. This is a fine recognition of Mitch’s huge contribution to the School across all facets of the wider curriculum. He is energetic and selfless – always inclusive in nature and ensuring others are happy and engaged. Another young man I have known for nearly a decade since Year 4 we are so proud of his achievements, yet are more impressed by his very character – a true friend to many.

It was wonderful to catch up with many McKinley families on the recent Headmaster’s Bush Trip. I had the pleasure of viewing our House drama performance in Blackall of all places, with the Schutt and Pearson families. We thought the play was excellent and very well received by the audience. Still cannot work out our 12th placing- but we’ve been in this situation before and the boys weren’t too disappointed, as the general feeling was the House performed an excellent piece. Well done to Hugh Green for all the work that went into a play that we were all very proud of.


Arrival of a New Pool Table

Thanks to a combination of a McKinley current family and some funds from the BPSG, McKinley has welcomed a new and popular member of the House – the new pool table. It has not taken long for the boys to be eagerly participating in a number of games. Lovely to see our senior boys allowing and encouraging the younger boys in Years 7 and 8 playing – a noticeable part of the House tone in 2017.

From our Matron

Life is never dull at McKinley.  So many personalities and yet somehow we (73) band together as 1 to be McKinley.  Mr Watt often asks me, ”How is the House, Machie?” I’d like to share some of our feelings with you.

After initially settling into the House after the holidays, we set off to what has been the start of a busy term.   With last minute flurry of badges, buttons being sewn on, my pants are too small, do you have a hat? we celebrated Anzac Day. Our cadets splendid in uniform were both proud and respectful and McKinley was well represented by Reilly and Will Browning who laid crosses and with Sean McCarthy and Mark MacKenzie in the catafalque party at the ceremonies. We showed endurance and stamina at the Cross Country and some fatigue and I did hear a few times “Got a stitch Machie!”

Our creativity and innovation shone at the House Drama. Written by Reilly and Directed by Hugh Green, Mitch and Condy both received awards for their acting abilities, Logan and Jock showed us their feminine side. Brown Bear’s “Tears” suddenly fell on us all as high jubilation and achievement was washed away with united disappointment at our placement.  (We were robbed but I am a bit biased). In true McKinley style Reilly said well we had a lot of  fun making it.

House photos came and went, buttons missing, Where’s a tie? Got a Belt? What are the marks on your blazer? But collectively when all McKinley boys stand together, what a heart-warming sight!

How splendid did the Year 12’s look as they eagerly got out of their cars onto the red carpet for the Formal. Handsome lot our lads, even Brangus looked impressive in a suit. Excitement is abounding as our latest “Toy” has arrived in the House, a stunning pool table.  All the boys big (i.e. Mr Watt and Mr Alini) and small are thrilled at this latest addition. Reilly and Mr Watt christened the table by being the 1st to complete on it. Reilly was the winner; I believe (flogged) was the term used.   Mr Watt being a good sport has promised Pizza for all the boys. So with the noise of balls breaking on the pool table and hitting the bats on the table tennis table, and the happy chatter in the background we start another day.

Until next time, take care.

Matron Sharon

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