Mind your Way

Caitlin Anderson – Wellbeing Health Promotions Officer

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular due to its scientifically proven ability to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while improving emotional regulation, attention and self-compassion.

TSS is dedicated to providing a holistic education that delivers excellence in academics, as well as opportunities for personal growth and life skill development. Our Student Wellbeing Health program is designed to equip boys with practical skills and knowledge that will assist them to manage the many challenges faced throughout adolescence and beyond.

This week, our Senior School Psychologists, Miss Jordan Howley and Dr Angela Zagoren, will run a Mindfulness workshop aimed at introducing the skill of quieting the mind and noticing ‘autopilot mode’, to assist coping skills in our young boarders. Some activities will include mindful eating, progressive muscle relaxation and mindful breath awareness.

There are a number of mindfulness activities available to students on Canvas. Here is a list of ‘calming’ applications that we recommend to try at home:

  • Calm, Mindshift, Optimism, Depression Check, My Mood Tracker, Smiling Mind, Reach Out and Mood Meter.

Have a happy and healthy weekend.

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