Move out of your comfort zone – presentation by Harvey Houlahan


This fortnight’s Habit of Mind is ‘Moving out of your comfort zone’. Defining this Habit of Mind is to take responsible risks by trying new activities, accepting challenges and finding your limits. For many, moving out of your comfort zone is a challenging task at hand, as it was for me to present this speech today.

In this time of the term especially, assessments and tests become prevalent and overwhelming as the term rolls in. That’s why it is important to take responsible risks that involve your studies and learning when using this Habit of Mind. This proves that trying new things also makes your creative.

Challenging yourself can help you perform at your peak. This is a major factor in personal growth. You can’t expect to evolve and improve in school if you only stick to the same habit and not push yourself to a new barrier. But remember take risks responsibly.

An important tip in moving out of your comfort zone safely is to take one step at a time. With every move you make, take time to evaluate where you are and plan where you want to go next.

A great example of this was when each and every player of the 1st 15, were forced to move out of there comfort zone during the game which lead us to a premiership against Nudgee.

Quote – ‘If you don’t get uncomfortable leaving your comfort zone, you really haven’t left it’.


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