Music Notes

Welcome back to all our TSS musicians! We have a very exciting year ahead. All ensembles will be up and running by week three and will be preparing for some special events which include a special GPS Centenary performance at QPAC, a Concerto Competition, showcase concerts and a special orchestral event later in the year.

Ensemble Auditions

Auditions for Senior Concert Band, Big Band 1, Big Band 2 and Acafellas will take place next Thursday and Friday (week 2). Sheet music and recordings for the audition are available on Canvas. All students from last years ensembles should be able to access the material. However, boys who are new to the school or are in Year 7 may not be able to access the material. If this is the case please come to the Music Centre so we can provide you with the audition music.

The Grainger Concert Band and Senior Choir will not be auditioned and will start rehearsals in Week 2.

Being part of a great TSS Music team!


Musicians by the very nature of what they do, have to be highly disciplined, committed and dedicated to their craft and to the ensembles (teams) they are part of. We are determined to make the musical experience for our students the best it can be and continually look for ways to improve this. Being part of a great ensemble means being diligent coming to rehearsals, being on time and preparing for the rehearsal. A rehearsal is not a practice session to learn parts; it is the time when many individual performances are forged into one whole and when this happens, the results can be quite magical. Consistent attendance, punctuality, preparation (practice) and team spirit in our ensembles will be rigorously pursued in 2018 and will be recognised and rewarded. I encourage TSS musicians to consider this as they begin the new year. Each Director of the school ensembles will elaborate on this and explain ensemble expectations when rehearsals start.

We have an excellent musical student body who are supported by expert, dedicated staff. Let’s work together to make TSS music as good as it can be in 2018 and remember-you only have to practice on the days you eat!

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