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Normal Preschool week begins Tuesday 23 January

Reception Year

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Years 1 – 6

Orientation Day Schedule

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Years 7 – 12

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Admissions Handbooks

Preschool Handbook

Rogers Boarding – Year 7

Senior Boarding

Senior Handbook

Curriculum Handbooks

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Subject Selection

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School Maps

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The Store is located near the tennis courts (on the Senior Campus) and can be contacted on 07 5531 9823. Uniform requirements for the Senior School are listed below. The Store is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. An appointment is not necessary.

Online ordering is also available, with pick-up of items from The Store. Visit The Store Online to purchase items.

Second-Hand Uniforms

A Second-Hand Uniform store is located under the Clock Tower on our Senior Campus.

During Term Time, the shop is open Mondays and Fridays from 8am to 10am.

Clothing List

Senior Clothing List
Prep Clothing List


Senior School Text Books

All textbooks are provided by TSS. These can be collected from the Senior Library.

Senior School Stationery

Each student will need to purchase their own stationery. Packs may be ordered online through the Network Educational website or you may print the relevant list and purchase at your local stationery store.

Username and login for online ordering is:
Username: tss
Password: team

Parents will find their son’s student number on the letter from the TSS Admissions Office confirming their son’s place.

  • Delivery date: Within 21 days from order date
  • Boarder pack collection date: Stationery packs will be delivered to each Boarding House for distribution.
  • Home Delivery will be $8.95 for orders placed and received by the due date.

Senior School Stationery Lists:

Year 7 Stationery List
Year 8 Stationery List
Year 9 Stationery List
Year 10 Stationery List
Year 11 Stationery List
Year 12 Stationery List 


Preparatory School

A compulsory stationery pack will be organised for all students by the Preparatory School and will be added to your Term One invoice to cover these materials.



Device Programs

Years 7 to 12 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program BYOD Information

Years 5 and 6 Device Program BYOD Information & BYOD Brochure


Car Parking & Student Drop Off

Senior Campus

Parents can access the Centenary Centre parking or Library Car Park (top of school off Ferry Road) if they are dropping or picking boys up from school.

Parents are prohibited from driving past the bus turnaround leading up to the main school. In the interests of the welfare of our boarding community, it is imperative that there is minimal traffic on campus where our boys reside.

Prep Campus

Parents are asked to keep in mind these few tips to help keep our traffic flowing.

  1. Please avoid using College Avenue
    Having to let cars into the Lupus Street queue from College Avenue causes difficulties.  Also, it would be good to give our long suffering neighbours of College Avenue some relief.
  2. Drive-through Pick Up
    Everyone who wants to pick their son up from the drive-through pick up shelter MUST enter the carpark via Lupus Street. Parents who enter via Brolga Avenue and then attempt to cross over lanes to the pick up shelter, create delays.
  3. Park and Go
    Our observations clearly demonstrate that the quickest way in and out of the school is to enter via Brolga Avenue and then  park in one of the three rows of car parks.  We now have a crossing supervisor manning the pedestrian crossing and boys can safely cross over to their parents parked car.    Parents wishing to park MUST enter via Brolga Avenue.  Parents who enter via Lupus Street and then try to cross over and park create delays.
  4. Arrive a little later
    By 3.45pm each day the car park is virtually empty.  Arrive between 3.45pm and 4.00pm and you will drive in and out.
  5. Do not leave your car if you are in the Drive-through lane
    Please do not park and leave your vehicle in the drive through lane – even for just a moment.  The success of the drive-through depends on keeping the traffic flowing.  Drive right down as far as you can, do not stop mid-way down.
  6. Heading North?  Use Warehouse Road and Harvest Court
    The traffic lights at Harvest Court stay green longer than the ones at the top of Brolga Avenue and by using both sets of lights parents will halve the time it takes to get through.

TSS Parent Portal – MyTSS

MyTSS is our dedicated parent portal.

Prep parents will also have access to Prep Book for all day to day information, communication with their son’s teacher and general happenings at Prep.

Senior parents will have access to Canvas, along with access from Parent Lounge, and Online Data Tracking.

MyTSS offers access to day to day information including handy items such as: Link to Sports Website, Daily Notices, payment of school fees, tour bookings, team lists, calendar and events, videos & streaming of games and events.

Login and password details will be issued to parents via email.

MyTSS Parent Portal


Holiday Camps


Camp Information will be updated as it comes to hand.

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