Oskar Morris | Written and presented at assembly

This week’s habit of mind is being clear when you communicate. Clear communication is the mindset of stating our needs and preferences clearly and to listen to others with the intention of understanding them fully. When communicating clearly we express our thoughts and feelings with clarity and accuracy, using words and behaviour that convey our meaning successfully. When listening clearly, you are seeking to understand the meaning of the other person’s message from their perspective as communicated by their words and behaviour.

For me it is vital that I am communicating clearly when on the sports field, classroom and house activities. I need to ensure that my teammates can clearly understand and comprehend what needs to be done for the team to improve, this also follows in sync with my house activities. All house news or information needs to be communicated in a manner that is coherent and clear allowing everyone to understand the objective that is being communicated.

I’ll finish off with a quote by James Humes – “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

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