An education at The Southport School does not simply focus on academic scores but frames the social and emotional development of the boy as essential to his development as a whole person.

Our programs seek to guide each and every boy on a personal journey of discovery that will equip him with the necessary skills to succeed in life beyond the classroom.

It’s a program that’s intelligent, based on a finely-attuned awareness of the special characteristics, needs and changing capabilities of boys growing into young men and targeted through learning styles, personality profiles and a wellness program.

The driving force behind this approach is our Headmaster Greg Wain, a leading figure in boys’ education, a member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition and a highly-regarded speaker on the multi-faceted subject of boys and their development.

“At TSS we’re passionate in our belief that we must stand for more than just getting a boy to the next level of academic achievement and that the success of his education hinges on his socio-economic background and can be measured simply by his OP score. We seek to ensure that every boy can work towards realising his fullest potential at each stage and age in his development and in this we’re uncompromising.”

The TSS concept of “The Greatest Frontier” signifies the journey of discovery that each boy embarks upon, reaching a “frontier of personal development” only to find that yet another frontier, another level in his growth beckons to him. It’s a phrase seen as symbolic of the spirit of academic, social and emotional pioneering that the boy embraces and which he is guided and supported by his entire School Community.

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