e-Learning at TSS

e-Learning at TSS has been operational for around four years, starting initially with Moodle and currently utilising an online web collaborative platform built on a solution by the name of “The Big Blue Button”.

The first implementation of online learning with Moodle, a free open-source learning management system, was implemented in 2010. The Moodle platform was not only the first attempt at providing course material online at TSS it also was the first platform that many of our teachers had ever had exposure to. Moodle was a significant milestone of learning and upskilling not just for our student but also our teachers. The Prep School at the same time launched the EduKite online learning platform that had a significant impact for students as well as teachers.
Both Prep and Senior evolved and innovated and outgrew EduKite and Moodle.

After several years of evaluation, the Senior School settled on Canvas. This has been an excellent, easy to use platform, that offers integration with many other school online resources including Office 365 and Google Classroom. Prep decided to build a solution specifically for the needs of the younger years. PrepBook is the custom made communication system used by the Prep School, offering a newsfeed for each class and extracurricular.

As students and teachers have embraced online learning and the student BYOD program accelerated and expanded to Year 5 through to Year 12 the IT Department has always kept pace. Information technology hardware and software evolves constantly. IT has always planned for the future, and infrastructure is purchased on rolling leases and is refreshed annually. This future planning has paid dividends during the COVID-19 crisis. Three years ago, the IT Department decided to increase the school’s internet capacity from 1Gbps to 2Gbps and, at the same time, 235 new access points were installed along with high-speed switch infrastructure to support the ever-growing communication needs of the school. Very recently we upgraded all the School’s server and storage equipment to the latest technology.

This technology now hosts 14 Big Blue Button servers that are currently helping keep our boys learning, engaged, and connected to the School’s community.

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