Parent Survey Keeps us on Track

We look on our biennial parent surveys as an invaluable source of critical feedback to help keep us on track, so thank you to the many parents who took the time to respond to the TSS 2016 biennial parent survey. I have read them all and the results and recurrent themes appear below. In the interests of transparency, every suggested ‘area for improvement’, or parent concern, mentioned by just three percent (or more) of respondent parents, is listed herein. All these issues have been presented to the School Council, and as always, this valuable information will help inform our planning and resourcing. We are delighted that parents are noting both that ‘teachers’ are the best aspect of TSS, and noting the continual development of the quality of our teachers, from a 34% mention level in 2006 to 60% in 2016. Our spirit and ‘culture’ continues to strengthen and is now rated as the second best aspect of the School. The boys themselves are key drivers of this culture in terms of academic diligence, anti-drugs, spirit, involvement and care for others.

Another key measure I track over time is our value proposition. In terms of the ‘Value for Money’ of the total TSS package, 47% of parents feel Very Positive (up from 39% in 2013), 35% Feel Positive. These are the best figures since we started tracking this in 2004.

3% of parents feel Not Satisfied in terms of value for money, and 0.3% of parents felt Very Negative. As you can see from the graph, the Very Positive and Positive ratings are growing, and the Not Satisfied and Very Negative ratings are pleasingly reducing.

We do target the areas of concern raised recurrently by parents and boys, and it is good to see that effort reflected in the survey results. For example, over the past ten years bullying as an area in need of improvement has reduced from an 8% mention rate to 1%, academics as an area of concern has reduced from 22% to 3%, and discipline and uniforms has reduced from 7% to 0%.

Every family who felt Not Satisfied in terms of value for money has, anonymously, had their specific reasons conveyed to the School Council and to the teachers.

Our persistent efforts in ‘value adding’ to your son’s education in terms of our leading initiatives such as Boys’ Education, Learning Styles, Thrass phonics reading, Bounce Back, Positive Psychology, Habits of Mind, Habits of Heart, Leadership Program, Cadets and the like are also being reflected in the survey results and parent comments.

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