Planning Ahead? ACADEMICUS April holiday programs – BRAINways

Ms Jasna Poezus – Preparatory Gifted and Talented Programs Coordinator

BRAINways’ Education philosophy is based on Gagne’s model of talent development, which indicates that outstanding potential can develop into outstanding performance only in the presence of specific catalysts, including the provision of stimulating programs and activities. BRAINways EDUCATION provides these opportunities for students who have been identified as either gifted or talented.

Visit their website, and check out their April school Holidays program ACADEMICUS.

Program topics include:

Years P-2

The Mathematics of Board Games
Rollercoaster Science
My City in 2050: The Architecture of My Future City
Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Potential

Years 3-5

The Mathematics of Natural Order
Unsteady Science: An Investigation of Turbulence
Archi-Future: The Architecture of the Future
Freedom or Constraints in Creativity

Years 6-10

The Mathematical Beauty of Randomness
The Butterfly Effect: A World in Chaos
Critical Mass: Designing Spaces for an Overpopulated World
Chaos or Order: The Key to Creativity

For more information contact Mirella on [email protected]

Please note a referral letter from this department is needed to attend. Please email me on [email protected] if interested.

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