From the Deputy Headmaster – Head of Preparatory

House Chapels

All boys in Years 2 – 6 should have attended their House Chapel this week as part of their House commitment and in support of their fellow House members and House Master. These House services are one of the few occasions when the boys of the House come together to give thanks for their blessings and are part of the overall program to build House belonging and connection.

We do consider these House Chapels to be a compulsory part of the boys’ total program. The House system across TSS is one of the very special features of our school and supports the boys right through to the end of Year 12. Participation in the House events and traditions creates a sense of camaraderie and belonging and helps form relationships that will endure for many years to come. Our Year 6 boys do a great job in leading the services and present as excellent role models for the younger boys of the House.

Boys who are genuinely unable to attend, should contact their Housemaster in person or via email prior to the service to request leave of absence. Musgrave:- Mr Joshua Beecher [email protected]  Mitre:- Mr Brett Massey [email protected]  Shepherd:- Mr Brian Rowe [email protected]  Dixon:- Mr Mark Hoppe [email protected]

Boys in Year 2-5 should note that those who will be seeking House Leadership roles in the future should demonstrate their commitment to the House through attendance at all House events.

Engagement with Social Media

One of the challenges for parents these days is when and how to let their son engage on social media. 13 years of age is the legal requirement to hold a Facebook or Instagram account, although to me that seems rather young given the challenges of navigating these sites successfully.

The Anglican Schools Commission have commenced sending schools information regarding student engagement with the world wide web and have provided some interesting insights into the issue of a child’s digital reputation and digital footprint.

A person’s digital reputation is how people perceive them on-line. A really big issue is ‘Selfies’ – with children often posting selfies that can identify them to strangers making them vulnerable to contact or in fact posting selfies of an inappropriate nature.



Latest research indicates that children as young as 9 have sent naked or near naked selfies, upon request, to others. This of course, exposes them to all sorts of dangers, not the least on-line trolling or bullying and for older students can lead to a criminal offense whereby they are creating and/or distributing sexual images of a child sexual abuse nature.

A real problem is the ‘Likes equal validation’ proposition – whereby young people judge their popularity and/or success by the number of ‘likes’ an image gets. This creates a need for the next image to be better than the last and leads to ‘selfie one-upmanship’.

Parents need to discuss the consequences of a negative digital reputation with their children. In order to protect their reputation, both online and offline, young people need to consider how they manage their own and others’ messages and images.

  • Talk to your children about managing personal information on social networking sites. Encourage them not to put any personal information on their profiles. This includes their phone number, personal email address, home or school addresses, or the name of their school.
  • Remind your children that much of what they do online can be made public, and may go beyond the group of friends they intend it to reach. A good general guide is for kids not to post photos that they would not want strangers to see.
  • Encourage your children to be careful when they post photos and to consider how what they post might be viewed by others.
  • Talk to your children about the potential social, academic, employment and legal implications of posting inappropriate material of themselves or others online. Encourage them to think about who might see the content and what the impact might be, now and in the future.
  • Remind them to take care with others’ digital reputations. They should not post images of others without their permission and should take care with comments about others.

Honours Information Night

Parents of boys who may be suitable for the Honours Class Program are invited to attend an information session next Wednesday evening (May 3, 6.30pm) in the Stephenson Centre. This session will provide an overview of how the program may benefit your son, how the selection process is undertaken and present an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

No RSVP is required but attendance is highly recommended if you anticipate your son sitting the entrance assessments.

Cross Country Carnival

On Friday the boys will contest the annual cross country carnival. Race start times are available on Prepbook, but please note these are approximate times only and each race could commence slightly earlier or later than the posted time. If you wish to be there to encourage your young champion, give yourself a window of time before and after the advertised times.

This is always a fun event and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Medical Forms

It has come to the attention of Health Centre staff and the Head of the Preparatory School that many boys with Asthma and Allergies do not have Asthma or Allergic_Reactions

Please note, this does not apply for the boys with Anaphylaxis. If you have identified your son as having asthma or allergies please see your child’s GP or paediatrician to fill out an action plan as a matter of urgency.

In order for us to provide the best care for your boys we need to have these completed as soon as possible. We thank the parents that have provided one at the beginning of the year.

Boys without plans will be excluded from excursions and camps until they are handed in.

Please find attached links to the appropriate plan/s for your son.



In regards to boys with other medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy etc. We require a letter or plan from the child’s treating doctor so we can give your child the best care in the event of an accident or emergency.

Please email it to [email protected] or bring a hard copy to Prep School Reception.

Many thanks in advance.

Calendar Dates

Term Two


Week 2
26 Wed Mitre House Chapel Yr 2 – 6, St Alban’s Chapel 5.30pm
Dixon House Chapel Yr 2 -6, St Alban’s Chapel 6.30pm
27 Thu Yr 2 Light Horse Museum 9am
Shepherd House Chapel Yr 2 – 6, St Alban’s Chapel 5.30pm
Musgrave House Chapel Yr 2 -6, St Alban’s Chapel 6.30pm
28 Fri Yr 2 Dr Joe Travelling Scientist 9am
Cross Country Carnival Prep Oval 1pm – 3pm Race Schedule on Prepbook


Week 3
1 Mon Labour Day Public Holiday
3 Wed Honours Program Information Night 6.30pm Stevenson Building
4 Thu Friends of Prep General Meeting 9am Prep Resource Centre Seminar Room 1


2017 Calendar

Click here to view our 2017 online Calendar


Business Directory


Are you looking for a Real Estate Agent you can trust? A Dentist that will be great with you kids? A Financial Planner to help with your super or a Builder who will build you the house of your dreams? Then look no further than the TSS Business Directory and support the TSS family business’ supporting your kids. Follow this link to visit the TSS Business Directory


Habits of Mind

Understand your thinking

Help your children by using “thinking words” such as “compare”, “analyse”, “predict”, “classify,” and “conclude” when reflecting on their thinking.


Round Square

Round Square Pillar 3 – Environmental Stewardship


For students and families interested in helping the local environment the next planting / beautification day at Federation Walk on SeaWorld Drive is Sunday 30th April starting at 7am Meet at the car park opposite Sea World roundabout. Join the regulars after for fresh fruit and a sausage sizzle. Bring a big water bottle and protect yourself with closed footwear, sun protective clothing and a hat. Interested – turn up on the day or contact Laura Richards M 0439 226 062 Foreshore Reserves Technical Officer


Gifted and Talented

Introducing Co-Curricular Philosophy Club

Calling All Philosophers!

Are you in Years 5 or 6? Have you ever wondered whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first? Do you have strong thoughts about friendship and fairness, what’s right and what’s wrong? Have you ever wondered if there is other life out there far beyond our solar system? All these thoughts and questions and yet you have never really had time to discuss them at length with others that wonder just like you do?

Then you should enrol in Philosophy Club!

When: Tuesdays, Term Two and Three, from 3:30 – 5pm in Seminar 2 classroom (Resource Centre)

N.B.Term 2: classes begin 2nd May and end 6th June Term 3: Classes begin 18th July and end 5th September.

Bring: Afternoon tea (food is needed for the brain), an inquiring mind, a willingness to talk, listen to others and respectfully debate ideas, concepts and opinions

Expectations: Students are expected to commit to Philosophy Club for the two terms to truly develop their skills.

So come and experience the oldest and still the most powerful tactic for fostering critical thinking where questions are given not answers, where statements are made and then rejected. Join the debate, join the conversation about reality truth, knowledge freedom, justice, goodness, existence, possibility, meaning, infinity and beyond!

Limited spaces are available so email: Mrs Poeszus to RSVP your interest/commitment by Friday the 28th April on [email protected]


Da Vinci Decathlon

Training begins Thursday’s 1st break week 2 – please arrive promptly


Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club for Juniors will be held Tuesday’s first break beginning week 4– Bring your lunch with you to Seminar 2



Code Camp

We recently received this email from our good friends at Code Camp and thought we would share it with you….


We just wanted to touch base and say a HUGE thank you for your help in making Code Camp at The Southport School so successful! There’s nothing we love more than helping kids develop a passion for coding and we couldn’t have done it without your enthusiastic participation.

As you can see from the photos and feedback below kids loved your Code Camp and are already asking for more. The parent feedback we are getting has been superb too! Lock in your preferred dates for Code Camp at your school during your next school holidays by responding to this email.

In the end, we had 32 keen coders spread across 2 Spark and ignite classes!

We asked the kids to fill in a quick feedback form at the end of camp so that we can continue to improve the experience for them. After all, they are our most valued customer! Here are a few from our camp at The Southport School…

And coding of course…The kids had a great time playing…

Sam Richards: Over the days the kids used a program called Stencyl and Leap to create their very own game. They had a lot of creative control when designing levels and learned a lot about the language of code along the way! Overall, the kids were pretty stoked about the end products, and so were we. You can check out a few of the games made by The Southport School students here:

Matthew Bialocerkoeski:
Adam Skawinski:

On the last day, we held a ‘high-five ceremony’ where the kids graduated Code Camp, received a medal and were congratulated for completing the first milestone in their coding adventures.

Warmest regards,

Charlie and the Code Camp team



If you have any questions regarding either School Sport, House Sport or Co-Curricular options then please do hesitate to either drop into the office or e-mail – [email protected]  or [email protected].


TSS is a great place to work and I have really enjoyed working with your wonderful boys and the teaching staff. There have been so many highlights and special moments as the boys have taken on challenges. Thank you for your support.

Andrew Robertson


Please note the major dates for Term 2 are now on Prepbook. This will allow you to plan your lives around the sport we have on offer at TSS Prep.

If you have further questions please call administration and ask to speak to sports administrator, Mrs Marisa Schroder

Private CRICKET Coaching – 1st XI Coach Ross Wallace

While it may seem weird that Cricket coaching is being promoted out of season, the reality is that 2018 GPS Cricket coaching begins late Term 3 – 17 school weeks away! The off-season is the perfect opportunity to make great gains in your skills.

Private cricket coaching is now available at the TSS Prep School by current TSS First XI coach Ross Wallace. During the past ten years, TSS has won four (4) GPS First Eleven premierships with Ross’ guidance. Both the beginner & the accomplished player will be catered for in an attempt to develop cricketers to become better players & hopefully eventual First Eleven players.

All facets of the game shall be covered, batting, bowling, wicket keeping & of course fielding.

Some sessions are still available in the mornings before school at the TSS Prep nets. Please address any inquiries to Ross on 0407 759 560.

2017 Queensland Interschool SNOWSPORTS Championships– PERISHER

Tues 4th to Saturday 8th July

If your family is heading to Perisher, NSW next holidays, participation at the above event is available to boys. The event is designed to cater for skiers levels of ability and will comprise of an Alpine GS race, Skier X and Moguls competition as well as a Snowboard GS Race and Snowboard X. While it sounds daunting, according to St Hilda’s parents who attended last year, it is very relaxed and an enjoyable introduction to racing.

This is a parent led activity. We need a parent to manage the TSS racers basic organisation (collect bibs etc) on the day of racing. This is not a difficult role and we can put you in touch with the St Hilda’s parent who has several years experience in leading their team of racers.

Cost of registration will be $30 in the whole event and approximately $40 per race.

Mr Robertson and Mrs Schroder are the contacts in the PrepSchool. Expressions of interest by email to [email protected] or [email protected].

GPS FOOTBALL Results vs Churchie (supplementary fixture)


Mr Mac 0-1

Churchie win


Mr Sproule

0-7 Churchie win


Mr Beecher

5-2 TSS win


Mr Tones

3-1 TSS win


Mr Fellowes

3-3 draw


Mr Rice and Mr Mariner

6-3 TSS win


The 2 games I watched at TSS Prep on Saturday were high quality. Both TSS teams (U10 Red 6 nil& U8 Red 7nil) won convincingly. More impressive was the team work and application of skills. Reports from the other two games played away from TSS highlighted the positive play from all boys. Well done to the coaches and players

*Note – if your son plays prep rugby as well as football and he has a clash of the codes you must let your coaches know that they will/will not be playing. We have many boys wanting to step up in the football teams who are prepared to play.



Round 1 of the Gold Coast competition got underway in great conditions on Saturday. Our teams did well with a lot of positives coming from the coaches. The following reports are emailed directly from coaches following each week’s games.

The season draw should soon be uploaded onto the following soon:

Under 6 White

The first game of the season saw the mighty TSS U6 Red team on the road to play Gold Coast Eagles, who clearly took the “Under 6” category to mean “Under 6 Foot” as opposed to “Under 6 Years of Age”. Despite being outsized, the boys put on a tremendous attacking effort; sharing the ball around and attacking both wings with multi-phase plays. Admittedly, our defence leaked more than the Titanic but hey, it’s the first game the boys have ever played, so now that we’re clearly experts on the attacking side of the game, we might just try to shift the focus a little at training this week. Player of the Day honours went to the birthday boy and captain, “The Freight Train” Tate Rossiter, who carved up the defense with a couple of scything runs en route to posting a double.


Under 8 White

It was a great hit-out for the boys in their first game of “tackle rugby”. They tried their hearts out for the full game and, despite being outclassed by a side that was a little more polished (they must have had more than the one training session we’d had before the game), there’s certainly plenty to like about the way the boys went about it. Strong showing from the coaching team also: “Ol’ Taco Socks” Gerard Brierley marshalled the troops across the field brilliantly and Phil Mazey was clear and decisive in calling the subs (as exemplified by the calls of “You! Boy! Come here!” and “Everyone with blue boots; get off!”). Player of the Day Honours went to “Twinkletoes” James Twemlow, who was tireless as always in both attack and defence, yet was still able to surprise us by showcasing a new-found passing game (an element of his game which has not previously been witnessed in his first two years of rugby). Bring on the next team we play.

Coach – Heath Hill

U8 Blue

It was a great effort on Saturday. The first game of the season and it was a win 9-8 to TSS U8 Blue. All the lads played well and everyone got involved. The coaches loved the running up hard and straight and the maximum effort that all the boys put in. The only downside is there is only 14 games to go… Great shout out for John Cleverly – player of the week (4 tries)!

Coach – Andrew Supple


U9 Red

The boys had their first hit out against Surfers Paradise Black on the weekend. Traditionally a very strong club, TSS held their own and scored early in the game holding a 2-1 lead at half time. Surfers Black fought back to tie the game in the second half 3-3, and in a thrilling last 5 minutes, TSS managed to cross the line once more to win the game 4-3. Special mention goes to Timothy Faber and William Jackson for their incredible workload and positive attitude throughout the game. Player of The day was awarded to Kaelan Drysdale for great tackling, aggression at winning the ball back and running hard at the opposition.

U10 Reds vs Nerang

The first game of the season saw the Reds off to Nerang to take on the Bulls. There were some big changes to step up to this season: – full-length field, contested scrums and lineouts and playing set positions. Despite limited preparation, the boys adapted remarkably well and continued from last season doing what they did well with excellent tackling, ball handling and clearing out in the rucks. There is plenty of work to do yet, but it was a promising start. The boys scored 3 tries to nil, winning 19 – 0.


  1. Please provide your son a snack and drink bottle for before training. The boys get angry by the end of training if they are hungry and dehydrated.
  3. Parents please keep away from the training pitches and allow the coaches to coach and players to concentrate on their session.


Friday 28th April from 1 – 3pm (Pre Prep at 11.30am)

In 2016 the Mitre boys held the ‘log of wood’ as Champions. Every boy that runs on Friday contributes to the overall points. Who will win this year?

Boys have all had an opportunity to ‘run the course’ during Core Skills PE in the last two weeks so should know each course. The course will be well marked and marshalled to stop boys running the wrong way. Younger boys will have a older boys leading the race for them.

For a course description go to the Prepbook Cross Country folder. Distances listed are approximate: Age group/distance/approximate start time on Friday 28th
• Pre Primary – approximately 350m (on ovals) – 11.30am
• Reception (born 2011) – 550m (bush track and oval) – 1.15pm
• U7 (born 2010) – 1km – 1.30pm (includes older Reception boys)
• U8 (born 2009) – 1.2km – 1.45pm
• U9 (born 2008) – 1.5km – 2pm
• U10 (born 2007) – 1.5km – 2.15pm
• U11 (born 2006) – 2km – 2.30pm
• U12 (born 2005) – 2.3km – 2.45pm

Chariots of Fire – School Championship Race

Following the Carnival there is an opportunity for all Year 2 – 6 boys to run in the ‘Chariots of Fire’ 2.75km race during lunch on Wednesday 24th May. This race crowns the overall School Champion.

GPS Cross Country Team

The top 15 Year 5 and 6 boys in the following ages are selected for the GPS Championships – U10 born 2007, U11 born 2006, and U12 born 2005.


TSS is part of Hinterland ‘Green’ District. This pathway provides an opportunity to compete in sport at a higher level.

Trials are for top athletes from each school (Hinterland official directive) – normally Year 6 & younger Year 7 students

Any player wishing to trial must send an expression of interest to Mrs Schroder by email (include DOB, preferred playing positions, club or representative teams) [email protected]

If you are unsure whether your son would be at an appropriate level please contact the Sportsmaster or Mrs Schroder.

Term 2 District trials:
U12 Tennis – Monday 8th May (trials at TSS) – EOI to Mrs Schroder NOW
U12 Touch – Tuesday 9th May – EOI to Mrs Schroder NOW
Cross Country – Wednesday 17th May (selected students only at Runaway Bay SS)
U12 Rugby Union – Tuesday 30th May


Check Prepbook Sports Folders for further information

Interhouse Cross Country – Friday 28th April

GPS Cross Country Squad commences training – Tuesday 2nd May (3.45 – 4.30pm) (excludes GPS Footballers who attend football training).

Please keep me informed of your child’s achievements in sports from outside of the school. Depending on the achievement, it gives me the opportunity to either include the achievement in the newsletter or follow up personally to congratulate the student concerned. If you are unsure, whether your child’s achievement qualifies then please send me an e-mail anyway and I will determine how to celebrate the success. Please send e-mails to [email protected]

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