Dear Radcliffe Community,

Welcome back to Term 3. I hope that all boys have had a restful vacation and are ready to get back into things at school.

Having looked through the Semester 1 reports it is very clear that the vast majority of boys have had a very successful Term 2, both in and out of the classroom. We are currently placed second in the Overall House Shield and judging by the excellent academic results, we are well underway to achieving very well in the quest for the Academic House Shield also!

Just a few dates and messages for everyone’s information…

Annual House Chapel Service Our Annual House Chapel Service is on Tuesday 8th August from 6 pm to 7pm. All boys are expected to be in attendance (in Chapel Dress) and parents and caregivers are invited to attend. The Annual House Chapel Service is about honouring the contribution of the various House Patrons of TSS, to both the school and, as especially is the case of our patron Alan Radcliffe (D.F.C., B.A.), to our country during times of world conflict and upheaval. The House Chapel is also a time to recognise that our House is a community to which our boys and parents belong and a time to celebrate the place of our Year 12 Leaders in Radcliffe House.

HOUSE SUPPER Just a date claimer for Term 4, our Annual House Supper will be held on the evening of Monday 16th October from 6:30pm to 9:30pm in the school Dining Hall, when we will celebrate and award student achievements. A more detailed invitation will be issued later.

PARENT DONATIONS-THANKS! Many, many thanks to Scott and Louise Heathwood from the hungry hordes of Radcliffe House for their kind donation of a new microwave oven. Along with the kind donation of two sandwich makers from Philip Goodman and Leah Ellis and the huge big screen TV from Bryce and Dayna Beauchamp, the boys are well catered for with new electrical appliances!

HOUSE TIDINESS On the topic of sandwich makers and microwave ovens, it is a constant battle unfortunately in getting the boys to keep our House clean and tidy! We are trialling a new system this term whereby each of the 4 Pastoral Care classes will take responsibility for keeping our House clean and tidy on a weekly basis. Having 80 or so boys gathered around eating means that mess happens, but I would like to think that the pride we have in our House extends to wanting to look after it and keep it clean and tidy.

LOCKERS All students (8 to 12) are asked to supply a lock for their locker. It is the responsibility of the student to secure their belongings in the House. If it is a combination lock, then the combination needs to be provided to me or else a spare key.

Important Dates for Radcliffe House Please find below a table summarising some key dates. Please also refer to MAIN SCHOOL CALENDAR on the TSS website.

Date Event Notes
(Term 3)

Tuesday 11th July


Term 3 Commences

Tuesday 8th August Radcliffe Annual House Chapel 6.00 à 7.00 pm
Monday 14th August House Track & Field Griffith University
Thursday 14th September End of Term 3
(Term 4)

Wednesday 4th October


Term 4 Commences

Wednesday 11th October House Cluster 3

(Touch, Basketball & Chess)

3.45 à 5.30 pm
Monday 16th October (Student-free Day)

Radcliffe House Supper

6:30pm to 9:30pm

@ Dining Hall

Friday 17th November Yr 12 Graduation Ceremony 12:30pm to 2:30pm

@Annand Theatre

Thursday 23rd November Speech Day

End of Term 4


Thank you for your support,

Dylan De Vries

Housemaster – Radcliffe House.

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