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Andrew Stark | Head of Libraries

Making the most of feedback…

Throughout the year, boys will have been receiving feedback from their teachers about assessment tasks. It is important for them to learn how best to use this feedback to improve their work.

Quite often, students are too focused on the mark they received rather than making the most of the feedback they are given.

Feedback it not only about what you did wrong – it is also a chance to celebrate what you did right!

To make the most of the feedback boys receive, they should ask themselves some of the questions below so as to make the most of the advice being given – particularly when an exam has been returned.

  • In which areas do I need to ask for help?
  • Should I re-do some of the questions from the test paper?
  • Was there any revision work I did not complete before the test?
  • Are there sections of my study notes I need to re-do?
  • Did I plan ahead to give myself enough time to revise?
  • What changes should I make in the way I study for that subject?
  • Are there students who did really well who I can talk to for advice?

The most important thing, post-assessment, is to ask as many questions as you can to discover ways to improve the work you are producing.



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