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Andrew Stark | Head of Libraries and ADLT Professional Learning

Procrastination is the act of delaying a task which has to be completed, even though you know putting if off will probably be worse for you in the long run. Procrastinating doesn’t make the assignment or exam go away, it just reduces the amount of time you have to prepare.

So, as boys begin to prepare for final assignment submission, class tests and examinations this is a good time to be reminded of several strategies that will assist with overcoming procrastination.

  1. Reduce or eliminate distractions – create a clear, uncluttered work environment which is free from distractions. Turn off social media, WiFi, music and close the door.
  2. Make a prioritised list – before you begin studying take a few minutes to work out what your priorities are for your study session. Work on the most important thing first.
  3. Break down projects into chunks – if you have a big task to complete, or something you really don’t want to start, break it down into smaller parts or tasks.
  4. Just start – do not focus on getting it done perfectly the first time – just make a start. Starting the task makes you realise it is not as daunting as you originally thought.
  5. “Twofer Concept” – when working on a difficult task, break it up by including an easier task in the same study block. This way you can get two lots of work done.
  6. Create a routine – establish a routine to help you get into the rhythm of working for a set length of time each day. Make this routine known to your family and friends.
  7. Find a study buddy – starting a difficult task is easier if you have someone to work with.
  8. Schedule in breaks – breaks give you time to think and process information. Plan them as much as you plan your work.

Happy Studying!!

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