Readers Are Leaders

Andrew Stark – Head of Libraries

On Monday afternoon, a very lively group of twenty St Hilda’s girls and twelve TSS boys met at the St Hilda’s Senior Library for the second Philosophy and Book Club meeting for 2017. The girls and boys were requested to read (prior to the meeting) an article on ‘Political Correctness’ and come prepared to discuss this issue. They spent nearly 90 minutes sharing their views on that topic … along with a whole range of other pressing issues! It is refreshing to note that so many young people in our schools take a variety of different issues very seriously and make the time to formulate, then verbalise their opinions.

Students sat at tables in groups of about six and had time to discuss issues important to them. Later, they had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions with the whole group. The most popular aspect of the afternoon seemed to be the ‘right of reply’ offered to those wanting to challenge the views being presented.

All in all, this was a very successful (though somewhat noisy) afternoon! Thanks to Ms Alexeem Boyle at St Hilda’s for hosting the meeting. We look forward to returning the favour in our new library later in the year.

A reminder to all boys (and staff) that TSS Senior Library has access to nearly 600 audio and e-books via the Borrow Box collection. Please feel free to borrow to your heart’s content … particularly if the inclement weather returns!

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