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Ian Browne | Rogers Housemaster 

Over the coming weekend, TSS (and Rogers) will enjoy another ‘Old Boys’ Weekend. Apart from many of the Old Boys returning to see their mates, watch some rugby and enjoy each other’s company, many will take time out to visit their old dorms. Rogers, originally the Prep School in the 70s, and then Thorold House for many years, hosts quite a few ‘walk throughs’ and the comments from all in the past, were that they were very very impressed. We hope that we can again hear the same comments as they reminisce about their time at TSS. We all look forward to showing Rogers off to them again.

Dorm Awards Sushi night…. two dorms the past few Terms have won 3 dorm awards in a row, and with that, are shouted a Sushi night as a reward. Well done…

Over the years, it has been a wonderful sight to see many new faces in Rogers collecting our boys for the annual Adopt a Boarder weekend. This is a weekend where day students get the opportunity to take a Boarder out for the weekend, and learn about the differing lifestyles each other experience. As for the weekend, every student in Rogers has a superb time, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Prior to this weekend (Friday 25- Sunday 27 August) I’d like to send a BIG BIG thankyou to the day students families. Later in the year, it will be the Rogers boys turn to invite their host families to their home for an Adopt a Dayboy, maybe during the holidays. With that, I’m asking the current crop of Rogers boys to “Adopt a Dayboy Family’. During the next 6 months, make friends with a Gold Cast family (a day student), invite them to come and see Rogers, maybe play touch on the ovals, fish or ping pong in the common room, even share the Wednesday night BBQ with us. Potentially have both sets of parents meet, and build a relationship with both coast and country Families. A sense of Rogers community, the start of the TSS Boarding experience.
Finally with the ‘Adopt a Boarder’ weekend, I have asked the Rogers boys to swap contact details with the potential Day Family, then parents can chat, take logistics, and finally, send me a Reach Leave form with approval.

BPSG (Boarder Parent Support Group) wonderfully donated $2000 to Rogers last term. Firstly a big thank you to all the parents that have assisted here in raising this money. The money has been put to good use, and we have purchased, and built a lovely BBQ area, complete with two fixed BBQs, and a new Pizza oven. Last Saturday we had the opportunity to ‘test’ it all out and the boys chopped up ingredients, pasted the pizza bases and then cooked their homemade pizzas. Heaps of smiles and laughs as boys worked their talents as ‘pizza makers’. Photos below;

Weekends in Rogers are always busy… maybe too busy for some. Over the past few weeks, we have been to Carrara Markets, Movieworld, nighttime activities like swimming at TSS Pool, making Pizzas and many other enjoyable activities. With that, the reason why we do so much is to keep the boys busy. “An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” Anyone with too much time on their hands may find themselves doing something that they should not. Roger motto, “A busy boy, is a happy boy’, stops the young person from thinking about home, keeps the energy levels up for other things like academics etc, and also helps in some small why, with their fitness…

In other news, the flu over the past couple of weeks has really subdued this lively house. With many of the boys spending the night coughing and spluttering, Rogers has been ‘quiet’. A big thankyou to the Health Centre staff and our own Matron for keeping on top of this ‘epidemic’, and carefully managing our boys through it all. With a few more still unwell this week, it seems as those we are heading back in the right direction, and the House will be once again, back to its normal, vibrant self.

With Sport now heading towards the end of season, the big outdoor educational camp at Term’s end, holidays and then Term 4 looming, many of the students in Rogers are in eagerly preparing themselves for these events. Mixed in there is of course assignment, and new term academic testing. With that, it does load pressure on these young boys, and this can often make them react differently from the normal. Boys start to get on each other’s nerves, relationships are strained and with the pressure building they sometimes over react or be over sensitive to things around them. The staff in Rogers are well trained to spot these signs, and assist the student through this, but its sometimes hidden until they call home and ‘burst’ on the phone to their parents. If this does occur, please don’t hesitate to contact us straight away. We are here, and ready to help.

All four Houses represented in Rogers…. Dan Atthow, Martin Price, Sam Owen, Joe Madden & Oli Chaffey.

Finally, I have the pleasure of managing and coaching the U12 rugby teams this season, and with many of these students from Rogers it has been a wonderful experience to see how far these boys have come in such a short time. With the B & C team having notched up a couple of wins already this season, it has been a year of development, and slow progress, working on the skills. Fingers crossed, the success remains for the rest of the year.

It would be very much appreciated if new cloths and more importantly TSS gear arrived into the house with boys name (or at least initials) written in permanent marker so that I can sew on name tags as they come back from the laundry. Handing me a bag of new cloths as they arrive in the house is another way to deal with this: name on the bag, tied up and I will put that name on everything in the bag. But buying things, wearing them and throwing them into the wash doesn’t work.

Currently we have a huge mound of un-named, unclaimed new cloths and uniform gear growing daily. Boys are reminded daily to check unclaimed basket, but that doesn’t seem to be working adequately as the pile still grows.


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