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Term 1, Week 3

Mr Ian Browne – Rogers Housemaster

Being only a few days into the first term of the year, the boys have only had a very short time to adjust back into this very busy school lifestyle. For many this has been difficult, stressful and sometimes upsetting, but with the help of House staff, teachers, parents and ‘brothers of rogers’, many of these boys are now slowly but surely finding their way.

Parents as I stated in an email, this is an emotional time for your son, as well as yourself. Tears over the phone can always be hard to handle. Usually this occurs when your son is tired after a big day, possibly sick, upset about something (ie lost his socks etc) or in many cases, academic pressure. The best strategy I have is to ask your son to call back at another time, when he is able to ‘speak’ and tell you about his day OR, in the case of lost items, sick or academic pressure, please encourage them to ASK a staff member. Please push them to us, to become more independent, and as questions. We can help 99% of the time….

Australia Day Activities

BIG FIRST FEW WEEKS: With most opting to stay in over the first two weekends, it was decided to get the ball running and on Australia Day have a ‘Get to Know Each Other’ Day. In the morning we had an early Cross Country run, followed by a delicious bacon and egg breakfast. The rest of the morning involved a ‘inter-House’ competition, including a number of special challenges set by the staff. One being, points to the House who could, on the spot, say what another boys name was, and where he was from. The Sports involved inc; Touch Footballl, Egro rowing challenge, Tug of War and my favourite, a Selfie Challenge in which students had to run around the school to 16 different locations and take a selfie of the group in front of it. The boys had a fabulous morning, and really got to know the rest of their House, and the staff. Following lunch, we loaded the bus up, and went down to Evandale (GC Arts Centre) for a lazy swim in the local Lake. That eveing, the boys got to experience the wonderful outdoors of the GC, and watch a movie on the big screen, next to the chapel. “Crocodile Dundee” was a hit, for those that stayed awake…

Very relaxing and busy with many others from the GC enjoying their Aust Day.

Some pics from our fishing group…in Rogers

Saturday was full with Cricket and other TSS Sporting training, followed by a quiet restful evening in House, watching a movie or two in House.

Settling into a brand new environment is always difficult for most, but it seems as though the new Rogers boys have settled in with ease, and are enjoying being a TSS Boarder. Most make a team up to play in the Yr7 Cricket competition against other GPS schools, and another big handful trying their skills at Sailing, some are involved with GPS Swimming and others a lot of fun was had by all at the first few weeks of training and games. A busy boy is a happy boy. Please encourage your son to keep busy, and motivated to be apart of TEAM-TSS (and Rogers).

Sunday we jumped into the bus and went to a water jumping castle playground. Aqua Splash is based down at the Broadwater Parkland (site of the Comm Games Swimming Pool and other events). 1 hour of swimming in the enclosed lake, then another of bouncing around on the water activities was enough for some, and by lunch, the boys were very tired. So tired, that after lunch, we decided to have them ‘chill’ in house prior to preparing for a big academic week ahead.

Aqua Splash – a great morning on the water…

Weekends are mostly filled with sporting commitments, but on the second weekend, Rogers had a special treat. We loaded the bus up, and went to Burleigh Heads to Inflatable World. A large ‘jumping castle’ centre that the boys for 2+ hours just went crazy.

Inflatable World fun and laughter….

Overall, a very successful first few days, full of laughs and smiles, as all the boys got to know their new House mates better. And that was just Week #1.

One of the newfound sports in Rogers, is fishing. The Rogers boys, as you can see below are learning new skills and technics, and also getting an opportunity to eat their catches (legal size only) at the Wednesday Night BBQ. Well done to all boys.

All of the Rogers boys, ready for the first day of school at TSS

The school week is always a busy time, settling into class, sorting out procedure of a new school, and understanding how things work in a new grade/class. With that it seems that all have been fully involved, and are locking in their Term 1 activities. With many choices to choose from, the flavour of Rogers House, funnily enough, is cricket at the nets, with many of the boys heading to nets 3 times a week to take part. The Rogers staff & I, have recently photographed all the boys participating in the weekend’s activities and placed these pics on our website. Please go to the Rogers Photo Album to see more… nearly 1000 photos in just over a couple of week.


All the Rogers boys doing their surf bus water safety test, and mixed races

With regards to the website, please visit this site regularly for more pics and information on what your sons are doing. As explained out our first meeting, I’m always contactable, and very willing to have a chat… so feel free to contact myself, Ash or Donna, anytime.

Eating in the TSS Dining Hall is a new experience for the Rogers boys. The food, which I must say has been sensational so far this year, has been accepted well by all boys. During all meal sitting, students are expected to display all dining manners, including buttering their bread on a side plate. With that in mind, the Rogers boys over the next few weeks, we will be introducing them to some of these more formal dining habits, and we intend to have them try and adopted these on a more regular basis. Fingers cross come Easter holidays, you may see a small change?!?

Wednesday Nights BBQ on the Deck at Rogers. Everyone is welcome…. Email Mr Browne for reservations.

REACH LEAVE: If you are having any trouble with login details and password via the Parent Portal, please contact Bryce in our IT Dept on 07 5531 9889 for assistance. Leave arrangements for the following weekend must be completed by Thursday night 7pm. Please also assist us via REACH to ensure your son’s leave arrangements are finalised.

During the process of applying for leave, there is a comments box where finer details regarding leave can be made. With that, only the approver (usually myself) can see this, but can’t respond to any questions that may be also sent. Please email me if any problems.

A last point about Reach, you must (as a parent) “APPROVE” the leave before the Housemaster can see it.


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