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Term 1, Week 5

Mr Ian Browne – Rogers Housemaster

Roger House is a busy, with all students now fully involved in the life of the school & the boarding community. Unfortunately, though the ‘bug’ did hit us hard, and has made the past 3 weeks very un-homely for some. On the good side though, we seem to be coming to the end of this virus, and Rogers (fingers crossed) won’t be affected any more.

A-Team Tutors working with our rogers boys on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at Prep.

On the study front, the boys are adjusting to a New Year well, with the Yr 7s having started on major projects, Spelling, some Math and History smaller projects and other written tasks. In correspondence with all teachers, our study supervisors Mr Crook, Mr Elliott, Ms Bannister, and Mr Stacey, are able to monitor all the boys homework, ensuring that they have completed all required work on time. On Tuesday and Thursday night, A-Team Tutors take over the running of the Prep session, and ensure that each boy works to their best ability. Here is a small extract from correspondence I had with one of the Tutors, and one of the Rogers boys;

Hey Britt! Just wanted to share a little win from last night! Last week, a new boy joined our team. He was super shy and held back the entire time and didn’t really speak to any of the boys. When we were doing goal setting, I asked him to read me his goals. His main goal was to learn his times tables. He explained to me that he only knows up to his 2 times tables! He was looking around and was obviously really embarrassed and didn’t want the other boys to hear. I took a few minutes to speak life into him and encourage him, and he gave me a huge smile as he left. Progress, yay!

BUT THIS WEEK he opened his computer and researched a 3 times tables song- a technique we discussed last week. By the end of the session, he was not only singing the song off by heart but ALL of the boys were singing it too and laughing together! He knew all of his 3s and 4s and even learned half of his 6’s throughout the hour and a half. I tested him and he got all of them right, and he was singing the song while taking the test. He was absolutely buzzing and helped his team to win the math relay by helping with a huge equation. He was so so so proud of himself and all the boys were encouraging him.

Another wonderful creation from Rogers Matron, Mrs Donna Fuhrmann. Happy Birthday to the Rogers boys born January or February… and also Valentines Day as well, where all the female members of Rogers were surprised by the boys with roses!!!


Building Independence and Resilience is hard at this age, and also in the early stages of boarding life. Students must develop these skills to ensure they are able to manage and function in a boarding community. To help Rogers staff build these vital qualities, can I please ask parents if they receive ‘that’ call, to say to your son, “Have you spoken to the MOD (Matron, Mr. Holtsbaum or Mr Browne) first?” 9 times out of 10, the response will be ‘No’, and 9 times out of 10, a staff member is standing no more than 20m away. Please send them to the staff member to sort out. This eventually over time will build independence in your son, and hopefully, in some situations also help with resilience.


Returning from any Weekend Leave – not every weekend do boys go on leave, so with that, the staff try to take them out to do activities, offsite (movies, parklands, excursions, etc). This means the House is usually empty and locked up (Rogers motto is “One in, All in”). When returning your son from leave, it is best, so that the other boys who are out with the staff member can enjoy a full day’s activity, that your return your son around these times;

  • Saturday – depart in the morning after school sport commitments are completed, which is usually before lunch.
  • Saturday – return between after 5pm, if your son would like to join us for dinner, or before 8pm for bed check
  • Sunday – depart on leave before 9am
  • Sunday – return either 00 – 1.00pm or after 5pm, again around meal times. If after dinner, return before 8pm for bed check.
  • Parents, please always call the Weekend MOD phone for between Friday 330 – Monday 630am. During the rest of the week (M-F), contact Ian, Ash or Donna directly on their mobile, txt or email.

I realise that this does not suit some situations, but as a basic measure, these times help those in still enjoy their time in the House over weekends, and they don’t have to rush back to a student returning from leave at i.e. 3pm, while others are at the movies. If in case, you need to return early, please let the MOD know, and arrangements can be made via staying in a Senior House until the groups return.


Sport & activities are keeping the boys busy during the week, with many of them taking the opportunity to take part in a multitude of sports on offer. Including playing tennis, cricket, some x-country running, swimming, fishing, & a few are doing sailing as well. A busy and active boy, is an organised and happy boy…

Weekend outings over the past few weeks have include, the regular surf bus to Main Beach on a Sunday morning, shopping leave to Southport Park , Timezone (a huge hit a few weekends ago), Bounce (this Friday night), Currumbin Creek paddle boarding (in a couple of weeks), kayaking and fishing, and also just utilizing the great facilities on campus. With the passes bought by Mr Watt, the boys also will enjoy in coming weeks a stint at Dreamworld, Seaworld & Movieworld soon to break up the afternoon on a weekend. For more on what Rogers has been doing, please have a look at our photographical House website…

Dinner at Housemasters place – My wife Carlene, and I, each fortnight, have a House group of the Rogers boys over for dinner. If anything this helps, us get to know the boys better, and hopefully makes them more relaxed about coming and seeing us, if they have any concerns. Usually we share a meal around the table, and chat about where they are from, etc. So far this term Thorold boys have been over, with Biddle coming this week. The boys seem to enjoy the night, and walk away with a full tummy, and a little more comfortable after meeting my family.

This year, as an initiative instigated by the boys of 2010, I’m hoping to invite each week a special guest from our TSS community (from the families, Old Boys, Senior School & School Council) to dine with our boys in the School’s Great Hall. In the past this has given the Guest the opportunity to know a little bit more about our youngest boarders. The “Dine with Rogers” program also will in-turn benefit the boys… giving them the experience & confidence of being able to hosting a special guest at dinner.  In the next few weeks we hope to host Mr Elliott (Master in Charge of Yr 7) & his wife, and also the Headmaster Mr Wain. We look forward to hosting many more staff and friends over year.

Thorold’s reward for winning the Australia Day competition… Sushi at Eddies with staff.

Finally, as part of the School’s Wellbeing program for Staff, Housemasters have be given the opportunity to ‘turn off the phone’ for a couple of weekends a term, and get away with family. Being such a busy term for Rogers, my weekend to ‘getaway’ will occur on the last week this term 16-19th March. In my absence, Ash Crook will answer the Weekend MOD phone. The number is 0416 274 129. Please NOTE: Every weekend between 330pm on Friday through till Monday AM please call this number for any concerns, and the MOD will help.

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