Rogers House Report

Mr Ian Browne, Rogers Housemaster

Being only a few weeks into the first term of the year, the boys have only had a very short time to adjust back into this very busy school lifestyle. For many this has been difficult, stressful and sometimes upsetting, but with the help of House staff, teachers, parents and ‘brothers of rogers’, many of these boys are now slowly but surely finding their way.

Parents as I stated in an email, and at my first address on day 1, this is an emotional time for your son, as well as yourself. Tears over the phone can always be hard to handle. Usually this occurs when your son is tired after a big day, stressed, upset about something (ie lost his socks, homework, etc) or in many cases, academic pressure. The best strategy I have is to ask your son to call back at another time (be strong), when he is able to ‘speak’ and tell you about his day OR, in the case of lost items, sick or academic pressure, please encourage them to ASK a staff member. Please push them to us, to become more independent, and ask questions. We can help 99% of the time.

Settling into a brand new environment is always difficult for most, but it seems as though the new Rogers boys have settled in with ease, and are enjoying being a TSS Boarder. Yes some are a bit shaky at times (usually at night) but the majority are getting involved ie many make a team up to play in the Year 7 Cricket competition against other GPS schools (the 7D & Es teams), and another big handful trying their skills at Sailing, some are involved with GPS Swimming, Cross Country, and others, just a a lot of fun was had around the House on afternoons off, playing basketball games and fishing. A busy boy is a happy boy. Please encourage your son to keep busy, and motivated to be a part of TEAM-TSS (and Rogers).

Same has been for the weekends. Aquasplash, Bounce, Movies, Putt Putt, Surf Bus to name a few are the many activities we have involved the Rogers boys in. A great start, and good way to bond together.

Another highlight from the last two weeks had to be our Sports Skills sessions on Saturday morning. Designed and implemented by the Sports Dept, under Mr Bryan Hain, this initiative is to engage those boys who don’t have a Saturday morning sport within Rogers and eventually, Year 7 in general. …. The skills from this week included, simulated golf, basketball, cricket and gymnastics, all of which the boys thoroughly loved doing, and can’t wait for next week’s session. A big thanks to coaches and Mr Hain for this initiative.

Overall, a very successful first few weeks, full of laughs and smiles, as all the boys got to know their new House mates better.

To catchup on all the goings on, click on our Rogers Flickr page… here you will see already over 1000 photos from just the first few weeks… the site is;

With regards to the website, please visit this site regularly for more pics and information on what your sons are doing. As explained out our first meeting, I’m always contactable, and very willing to have a chat… so feel free to contact myself, Jackson or Donna, anytime.

YEAR 7 Camp – with this occurring weeks 7 and 8 of this term, can I ask parents to start organising some necessary things he will need. A sleeping bag, Utensils (cutlery, plate cup, water bottles), and old pair of sneakers or wet shoes (for use in the water), considering he probably has a new pair here already for walking (Hiking Boots not necessary, but your call). A full list of “Camp Equipment” will come out via Yr 7 News, but from past experience, the boarders have nearly everything here in the House already clothing-wise…. When you see the list remember it’s a Yr7 4 day Camp not an Everest Expedition J…

REACH LEAVE: If you are having any trouble with login details and password via the Parent Portal, please contact Bryce in our IT Dept on 0755319889 for assistance. Leave arrangements for the following weekend must be completed by Thursday night 7pm. Please also assist us via REACH to ensure your son’s leave arrangements are finalised.

During the process of applying for leave, there is a comments box where finer details regarding leave can be made. With that, only the approver (usually myself) can see this, but can’t respond to any questions that may be also sent. Please email me if any problems.

A last point about Reach, you must (as a parent) “APPROVE” the leave before the Housemaster can see it.

RETURNING FROM WEEKEND LEAVE – not every weekend do all the boys go on leave, so with that, the staff try to take them out to do activities, offsite (movies, parklands, excursions, etc). This means the House is usually empty and locked up (Rogers motto is “One in, All in”). When returning your son from leave, it is best, so that the other boys who are out with the staff member can enjoy a full day’s activity, that your return your son around these times;

  • Saturday – depart in the morning after school sport commitments are completed, which is usually before lunch.
  • Saturday – return between after 5pm, if your son would like to join us for dinner, or before 8pm for bed check
  • Sunday – depart on leave before 9am
  • Sunday – return either 30 – 1.00pm or after 5pm, again around meal times. If after dinner, return before 8pm for bed check.
  • Parents, please always call the Weekend MOD phone for between Friday 330 – Monday 630am. (PLEASE don’t txt this number as it doesn’t receive text messages).
  • During the rest of the week (M-F), contact Ian, Jackson or Donna directly on their phone, txt or email.
  • Details below;


  • WEEKEND Senior Master On Duty          0416 274 129

Friday 330pm – Monday AM (please only call this number on weekend’s if you have a concern or question…


  • Housemaster Ian & Carlene Browne                                                                                Mobile/Txt          0414 319 915 (preferred)

e-Mail                  [email protected]


  • Assistant Housemaster Jackson & Alisa Elliott                                                         Mobile/Txt         0401 292 992

e-Mail                  [email protected]


  • House Mum’s contact 07 5531 9996

Email                    [email protected]

Monday – Friday: a split shift  7.15am – 4.15pm (M-F, except Thu 7.15-11.15am)


Again, any concern or problems… contact us.

All the best…. IAN BROWNE   

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