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The past few weeks have seen the Rogers boys’ busy working hard on projects, assessment, and preparation for the testing/reporting period of this Semester. This period has been stressful for some, as they now have to perform, and with NAPLAN exams now over, they have to move their focus to their productivity. Many of the boys are actually handling this well, some have arranged extra tutoring from outside of the school, some are utilising the Homework Help program in the afternoons, and others need to really now focus to ensure their best comes out in their work.

Not in my time in Rogers have I had such a talented and differing group of students. Some wonderful sportsman, very good academics, musicians, and artists. Last week was the House Drama Festival, and congratulations must go to Delpratt after their successful win of this competition. All of the Rogers boys got to go and see the plays, and enjoyed is immensely. Next up is the House Cluster day, inc Volleyball, Soccer, and Declamations. Usually not a lot of Rogers participate, but they definitely will be there in numbers supporting…


Mrs McQuillan & Watts join the Rogers boys for a Wednesday night BBQ.


The Yr7 Thorold/Rogers boys having Sliders at Mr & Mrs Browne’s place last week…

The weekends too have been very busy. The Saturday morning early starts of a 5.30am wakeup, for a 6.00am bus departure, have been taking its toll on the boys. Now also with Soccer and Tennis in their last few rounds, and rugby trials starting, the term end is getting busier each weekend. Many of the boys have really done well in their chosen sports, and I’d like to congratulate their commitment. It is great to see boys busy, and with some students doing a multitude of activities from sport, music, tutoring etc, it also help them with many other areas of their life, ie their personal organisation.


A tough choice… NRL game (Titans v Manly) or Ice Skating with St Hilda’s??? We had boys at each activity and loved it last weekend…


It seems one of the things that I keep being asked over the term has been ‘when are we again having dinner at your place, and is Mrs Browne going to cook Sliders again?”. Last week we did, and many of the Thorold Year 7s, plus a couple of ring ins, had the opportunity to relax at ‘home’ and eat with my family. We love having them over and will certainly try again to have a group for dinner every few weeks.


An open invitation to the Rogers Wednesday night BBQ was sent out earlier in the year to all the Year 7 teacher. Many have already accepted and enjoyed the Rogers hospitality, but this week we were very lucky, and two teaching staff member, Ms Julie Watts, and Stephanie McQuillan both joined us for dinner. The boys really enjoy showing them around Rogers and I do hope their teachers enjoyed the burgers the boys cooked for them.


Ice Skating vs Titans was a difficult choice for the Rogers boys over the past week. Many of them love their NRL, and obviously, a number of them love also mixing with the St Hildas girls, and try their hand at ice-skating. Both activities were well attended and our boys especially loved being involved. As always, please check our Photo Album on Flickr to see the photos from all of the activities this term, inc Ice Skating, NRL, House BBQ, Birthdays and much much more…


This week ahead sees the GPS Cross Country Championships and a good number of the Rogers boys are running as part of the GPS XC Team. Congratulations to the following for making this team, and for all their efforts this season past; Joe Madden, Will Mayne, Charlie Dawson, Murphy Baker, Jack Ware, Fred Cameron and Hayden Carrigan. All the best to them, and the entire Team, at Limestone Park on Wednesday 31st May.


The Rugby posts are up, and trials have begun. Here the U12s got to play a local side in a trial at TSS.


It happens sometimes, as we have to remember we are dealing with 12 year old boys, but we wish wouldn’t sometimes… I’m talking about some of the Rogers boys getting injured and having to go to the medical centre or even hospital because of an injury. Whether it be a sporting injury or just an accident around the School, the Rogers & Health staff are very well trained for any situation.  Over the past week, we have had two boys injured and require time at hospital (one overnight). The reason I mention this, is more so to reassure parents that accidents happen, and the Rogers staff are here to assist in any way. These boys are under our care, and we will treat them like our own sons in any situation. Personally, if it makes the student happier and more comfortable, I will sleep at the hospital for days if required, to ensure he is not upset and lonely. That is why we (the Rogers staff inc Matron) don’t mind doing this at all. Parents, please do not worry if this occurs. We will always keep you in the loop, and step you through the process of what is, and has, occurred during treatment. Fingers crossed though, it does not happen soon.


The end of term is not far away; can I please ask parents to start emailing me the ‘End of Term’ arrangements for your son? The last day of Term 2 is Thursday 15th June, and with most departing on that day after school, I’d like to ensure that all arrangements are clear for the staff supervision.

With end of term in mind, Rogers is being used for Sports camps over the break, so all students will have to empty their lockers, and dorms. Local students will need to take most of their gear home, and the international, and western students, will have a storage room made available to place large bags with their names on them, into this area. More on this next newsletter.

On the weekend of 2nd – 5th June, Ian Browne will be away from Rogers. Please call the Rogers House Weekend Duty mobile 0416274129, or Leigh Holtsbaum if any concerns.

Finally, our termly Drinks of the Deck will again be on Thursday 15th June, between 4-5pm. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend. Again more on this next newsletter.

Ian Browne

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