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 Adopt a Dayboy?

In the past, it has been a wonderful sight to see many new faces in Rogers collecting our boys for the what was called the “Adopt a Boarder” weekend. This was a weekend where day students (usually a classmate) gets the opportunity to take a Boarder out for the weekend, and learn about the differing lifestyles each other experience. During those years, every student in Rogers has had a superb time, meet a new family, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Even though this program has ceased, I still believe that our newest TSS Boarders benefit greatly from this type of experience. With that, I’m asking the current crop of Rogers boys to “Adopt a Dayboy Family’. During the next 6 months, make friends with a Gold Cast family (a day student), invite them to come and see Rogers, maybe play touch on the ovals, fish or ping pong in the common room, even share the Wednesday night BBQ with us. Potentially have both sets of parents meet, and build a relationship with both coast and country Families. A sense of Rogers community, the start of the TSS Boarding experience.

Some of our Rogers Athletes running at the Churchie Cross Country Meet last week (Hayden Carrigan, Jack Ware, Coop Copwan, Will Mayne & Charlie Dawson).

Sleepover in the Cathedral is an organised event through the Anglican Diocese, that raises money for Anglicare Homeless Youth program. Rogers House contribution consists of each week the boys walking around the school during a lunch hours, and collecting money for the charity, then on the first weekend in June, the House, as a group), go up to Brisbane and sleepover in the magnificent Brisbane Anglican Cathedral, with many other school children. This year, the event will be 2nd June. I have asked the Rogers boys if they’d like to again attended and help out. All students in that Friday night will be now going, so for our parents, can you check your calendar, and if you are intending on taking your son on leave that weekend, please get the Reach Leave form in early. No Rogers student can remain at TSS that event

Surfing lessons for the Rogers boys on a cool Sunday morning…


Rugby / Basketball Sign-on emails have gone out, and students are encouraged to sign up for one of these activities asap. With rugby camps commencing this coming weekend, its important that all boys be prepared and ready for the tough season ahead.

Just hanging out in Rogers, Jack Sargood, Finn Beirne, and Max Schutt.

Over the past weekend, there have been many activities arranged for our Rogers boys. Surfing lessons in the cold rain, was one that staff though the boys wouldn’t enjoy (due to the conditions) but as it turned out, they all thoroughly loved the new experience of catching a wave or two. Standing up for the first time is always exciting and for the small group that went to the Southport Spit last weekend, there where some happy faces afterwards as they told stories of this experiences.

Rogers Sleepover #1 with all the new and old Rogers boys at Inflatable World.

BBQ Dinner for the new 2018 Rogers sleepover boys.

A game of Touch on the ovals at the Sleepover…

The Rogers Sleepover is an important event for new incoming students (for 2018) to get a nights experience in the Boarding House. Four times this year, 10 students will have the chance to sleep over in Rogers, be apart of the expeince and hopefully calm the nerves in preparation of their turn in the House next year. New Friendships are made, new experiences are had, and overall

A surfing lesson for the Sleepover boys. For some this was the first time in the ocean…

With NAPLAN held, I wanted to congratulate the Rogers Yr 7s on their preparation and wish them the best of luck in this Nationwide examination.

Finn working hard on his Yr7 PE assessment…

The Academic Assistance program for Rogers House boys who wish to seek additional assistance for understanding in each of their core subjects are encouraged to attend ‘Study Gym’ and ‘Up Skills’ sessions in the Library each week. The ‘Study Gym’ sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.30-5.00pm are to provide boys with additional tutoring in English, Science, Maths and Humanities. As always we would like the students to speak with their respective teachers, on individual basis, as well so they are aware of any concerns and can also provide additional assistance. We are also fortunate to have Teachers; Mr Elliott, Mr Attoe, Mr Lobascher and Mr Holtsbaum available during Prep to help the boys with their studies during normal prep hours. In addition, specialised tutoring provided & funded by the TSS BPSG continues this term. This is being implemented for some students struggling in English Maths and Science in all grades, inc Yr 7. A fantastic initiative for our boys.

Catch of the week for Hayden Carrigan…


It has been an exciting Term so far for the Rogers boys, with all our boys involved in the tennis & football seasons. If anything, they have been busy this term, and with a number of them doing multiple activities (rugby, tennis, soccer, cross  country, swimming, etc), the weekly schedule of sport, music, academics and some free time, keeps our boys on the go all week.

The weekends are always busy too, with the past two being full of a variety of activities. From fishing, birthday parties, to skating, touch and Gaelic Football on the River ovals. Our boys are kept busy. For more on these activities, please have a look on our photo album website at Rogers Photo Album.

Finally, to our Rogers Mum’s, Happy Mother’s day for this Sunday, and every day. The Rogers boys miss you all, and hope that you have a wonderful day.

From the Rogers Boys to their MUM;


Mothers are the most beautiful women I know,

They are kind and gentle, even when we are slow.

To us they are faultless and hardworking every day,

They comfort us when we’re hurt, finding the right words to say.


Mothers may scold you, but you know you’ve done wrong

Dry your tears little one, and I’ll sing you a song.

She sings with a voice of the angels, you know,

A voice that warms your heart, wherever you may go.


Mothers are special, mothers are unique,

Mother we love you, more than you’ll ever know,

We give you our love, with our hearts full aglow.


Today and every day.

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