Rogers Prep is an AVID experience

Mr Nicholas Stansbie – Dean of Students 

In 2020, we have made a few changes to the prep experience for  our Year 7 boarders in Rogers on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.  At the end of last year, four members of the teaching staff, Dr Sarah Bond, Ms Natasha Rosky, Mr Chris Marcellin and myself travelled to Melbourne to learn about a program called AVID which we believe can have real benefits for our boys in Rogers, as they get to grips with classes and homework this year.

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  The program is designed to raise the academic aspirations of students by providing them with specific skills, knowledge and experience that helps them to learn and study with increased confidence and independence.  It was founded in the USA and is now adopted by an increasing number of schools across Australia to meet their specific contexts, and we felt that it could have real benefits for our youngest boarders.

Our program will have three aspects:

Firstly, we want to make sure the boys complete their homework and are managing the organisational aspects of this, such as completing their record books accurately and planning ahead

Secondly,  we will be providing the boys with specific strategies such as note taking and understanding how they learn

Thirdly,  we will be helping the boys to use tutors and tutorial sessions effectively, by helping them to identify the problems they are experiencing with their work and giving them some strategies to use to help solve these problems in a group.

A couple of videos can be viewed here and here which give a taste of how the AVID program has been used in other schools.

During week 2, we have been introducing the Rogers boys to the program, getting to know them and also thinking about the characteristics of good learners through the acronym SLANT.

Sit with proper posture

Lean forward and show that you are interested

Ask pertinent questions

Nod your head (or shake) to indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Talk to your teachers and get to know them

If you have any questions about the program then please get in touch with us!

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