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Term 2, Week 7

Mr Ian Browne – Rogers Housemaster

Rogers Update in Isolation…

In “Isolation” has been a busy time for the Rogers boys, at home for majority of them. Family time, helping parents, and then studying online seem to be the norm nowadays. The Rogers boys have taken these changes on very well, and I must congratulate them, and their parents, for their persistence to keep routine as normal as possible.

As staff we have really pushed to maintain community within Rogers. With some of the boys having only spent 7 weeks here in Term 1, it is important for all of us to maintain friendships and the brotherhood, as best we can. With that, we have had a number of House Challenges to keep this going;

Pass the Ball video – instigated by Rogers students Eli Pyziakos, the pass the ball videos see every member of the house receive then pass the ball onto another students or staff member, whilst standing in their home environment. Be it, Hong Kong, Western Qld, Byron or even on the GC, this video shows how are the fingers of Rogers stretch…. Wonderful to see. With watching this on our House Flick page

Cooking with Bree – this was an initiative of Deputy Headmaster – Academics Ms Jo Inglis. She asked me if it would be possible and luckily, yes, it was. With the help of my son’s girlfriend, Bree, we were able to provide some Baking lessons (and a huge amount of laughs) for the Rogers students. With mum’s in the kitchen nearby (to assist with oven and hotplates), the boys in the first lesson learnt to bake Rock Cakes and Savoury Muffins. The hour and a half lesson, saw many of the boys cooking for the first ever time, with one student asking “What is flour, and what’s it look like?”. A fun afternoon, and with two more lessons to come, the boys will, I’m sure, have quite the Baking skills once finished. Big thanks to Bree for all her help and assistance here… again photos are available on Flickr of the boys creations.

Riddle of the Week  – this has been an on going test of families ability to solve our tricky Riddles. The Chandler family certainly did very well in the first few weeks, but the current Riddle has many stumped. Got to the Flickr site, and see if you can get this one…. Ask friends and family as well…. All invited to guess.

ANZAC Day photos – this was a special collection, of families sharing their tributes to our ANZACs. From here at TSS, to western QLD, all of the photos are very special, and very unique.

Rogers House Photos Competition – this is a hotly contested photo competition where student send in their BEST photos to be judge at the end of the isolation (and return to TSS). Some wonderful shots of the boys in action or even just lovely sunsets from their properties. Again, worth a visit on Flickr –

Finally others challenges have been;

  • Photos with your Pets at home
  • Birthdays in Iso.
  • Fun times at Home
  • Class Time online.
  • Easter Celebrations in Iso
  • Home House Cross Country….
  • …and many more.

An initiative by the Prefects and Warden of the current Yr 12s, has been to each pick a few Rogers boys and check in each week with them for a chat. See how buys are fairing with study, isolations and just touching base with other mates. A lovely idea, and one that I fully support. Well done to the Seniors!!!!

To everyone that has contributed to maintaining our community, I must thank you. It is a difficult time, and for the boys, they all want to return, see their mates, get involved back in school life, sport and academics face to face, and just have fun back here again. When will this return to normal… I’m unsure, but I hope it will be soon…

All the best to all.


Ian Browne

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