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Mr Ian Browne – Rogers Housemaster

Term 1, Week 7

The first term of any School year is always one of change, adjustment, and as has been the case in Rogers, a new beginning for many of us.

In reflection, we have seen some of our boys adjust well to their new surrounds and assimilate into boarding life here at TSS. For a few others, the transition from another school (or in some cases, no physical school – School of the Air) to TSS, or even a new teacher, has been difficult for them, but as the term progressed, this too has seen some progress. We have seen some boys come from small schools in western areas, and the adjustment for them has brought many challenges, and again like many who have been here before, they too have learnt to enjoy what Rogers & TSS can offer.

Dinner for the Biddle Boys at Mr & Mrs Browne’s place. Always a treat to have the boys over…

For both Mr Crook and I, we feel that now in our last few weeks of this term, the boys are all starting to understand why Rogers House is so special…. its caring, nurturing and homely attributes, backed up with some academic drive and assistance for all. We have seen many achieve beyond past benchmarks, and set new goals. Along with staff who do want to be involved in the boys lives, we have found many now knocking back opportunities to go on weekend leave, as they’d rather stay on campus and participate in many of the varied activities that we have offered, ie. Shopping trips, fishing, touch on the ovals, school excursions, the beach, movies, and many other memorable experiences together. For us this is wonderful to see, and means that finally, the boys are accepting Rogers and TSS for what it is… their second Home.

I must congratulate the boys for all that they have done; particularly in the way, they have handled change here as well. Our daily routines have gone out the window some days, ie when the kitchen closed, or when we were told to only eat in Rogers for a week. This ‘bug’ has been devastating in many ways, but brought the Rogers group a little closer together in many others. It’s been such a shame that we haven’t been able to explore the Gold Coast, but rest assured, come Term 2, there won’t be a quiet moment on weekends especially.

Overall a busy boy is a happy boy, and all of this helps get over the homesickness that has been occurring over the past few months.

Nothing better than just relaxing around the House for Griff Williams, Ethan Bai, Rowand Kelly, Ned Alexander and Michael Russell.

Friday 2nd March Rogers was pleased to hear that we had a student swimming for TSS at the GPS Swimming Championships at the Sleeman Aquatic Centre (indoor stadium) in Brisbane. This is a unique opportunity for our students to represent the School, and with many of their School mates in the Grandstand supporting/cheering them on, a wonderful experience to be on this sporting stage.  Congratulations on selection to the 2018 TSS GPS Swimming Team – Lochie Frith.….. a very special achievement.

Griff Williams is another student representing TSS very well, in the undefeated 7A Cricket team. As a leg spinner, his coach was telling me he averages 2-3 wickets per game, and also is very handy with the bat. Great news, and we hopoe with only a few games to go, that they end up winning their competition.

Rowing this year has had such a disrupted season. We had 5 Rogers boys involved in the Yr9/10 crews as coxes. Unfortunately, Nick Graham, Max Montgomery, George Milson, Finn Backus and Tom Houlahan didn’t get to race at the Junior Head of the River, as this was cancelled due to the bug outbreak. I’m sure they all gained plenty of experience, and will now look forward to the 2018/19 season.

With the cooler weather, comes the start of Rugby & Soccer seasons. The posts start to go up soon, the balls start to appear on the ovals, and the new boots get their first taste of mud on them. For the Rogers boys it is a very exciting time…. and it seems that every afternoon now all they want to do is play touch football with the Senior Houses, kick the balls around and get dirty.

Breakfast in Rogers is usually a treat for the boys, but last week, it was the norm for a few days. The boys took this in their stride, and coped really well.

It’s a great time of the year…and with that, can I ask parents to ensure that your son is ready for the season ahead with a properly fitted mouthguard, correctly fitted boots, the essential TSS (rugby or soccer) uniform available from the Store, and most importantly, the registration completed for any preseason camps or tours.

With the end of term is only a few weeks, can I please ask parents to ensure your son’s end of term leave details and arrangements are set, and a copy of these are sent via REACH leave program. Last day of Term is Friday 23rd March, with most students leaving that afternoon for a well-deserved Easter Long Holiday break.

All the best,

Ian Browne



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