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Sometimes the things you do on the spur of the moment end up being the memories that you remember the most.

Last weekend, Rogers decided to jump on the school bus and just drive. The ‘Mystery Tour’ took us north to Brisbane for a boys “Day-Out”. It was so much fun… every boy that came along for the ride experienced something they hadn’t tried or seen before, and in some cases had gone somewhere new. It is these memories that the staff enjoy providing.

Brisbane has many great points of interest, and this trip north for the Rogers boys was to be one they first enjoyed, and second, got to visit places that they’d never been before. GoMa (Gallery of Modern Art) was the first top. An Exhibition of Marvel Superheroes (movies and comics) was on. Life size displays and screen sets of the boys favourite characters like Ironman, the Hulk, Captain America, and Ant Man to name a few. Movie sets of some of the big Marvel movies were also there for the boys to interact with. The highlight though, was the green screen photo which superimposed the students into scenes from movie posters. Then the boys could email them home… for a few laughs.

After a couple of hours wandering GoMa, we headed next door to the Queensland Museum, which holds a permanent display of native Australian animals and creature, inc life size skeletons of dinosaurs found up in Hughenden Nth Queensland. The boys loved wandering around showing some of the international boys some of the animals that are on their own properties, inc black belly snakes, and funnel web spiders.

Lunch was on the banks of the Brisbane River at the pools on Southbank. A ‘cool’ dip in the pools refreshed their ‘rugby’ legs, and made for some interesting shots. The boys wandered the markets, food stalls, buskers entertaining the crowds, and beautiful gardens that make up a wonderful space that is Brisbane’s Southbank.

Finally, to some boys’ surprise, we all jumped on the Brisbane ‘Eye’. The large Wheel of Brisbane enable passengers to slowly spin around and get 360 degree views of the city and surrounding suburbs. It was a great way for many of the boys to see how large Brisbane has become, and topped of a great day in the city. Please have a good look at these photos;

The Rogers Sleepover is an annual event, and our most recent was held last Friday (one of 4 this year), where students who have ‘signed up’ for 2018, have a chance to sleepover in the dorms, and become a Rogers boy for the night. This event is a wonderful way to settle the nerves, and reassure incoming students that Rogers House isn’t such a scary place after all. The biggest highlight though from this Sleepover wasn’t from the new boys, it was from the existing boys who now after three sleepovers this year, really go out of their way to make this event special for the new boys. As greeters from the car to the dorm, or as a mentor during the day in class or even just as a friend playing a game of touch, the current Rogers boys excelled and made the Sleepover a real success.

On Saturday night, the Rogers boys ventured across to St Hilda’s for a Junior Social. This event is always well attend and enjoyed. Many stories come back from it, and luckily this time also a few photos. Please again have a look on the Flickr page for the action from the night…

Birthdays in Rogers are always special, and there is never anyone who misses out on Cake… July and August seems to be a big few months for Birthdays, and we seem to be having cake every week…

The Dean’s List award is one of the highest achievement a student in Year 7 can get from Semester 1, in their first year. To achieve this award and be placed on the Dean’s List board in the Theatre, you must achieve 7As from Semester 1 reports. 4 x students from Rogers achieved this; Brodie Graham, Joe Madden, Murdoch Johnstone and Jack Ware. Congratulations boys on a superb achievement, especially in your first year at TSS.

Mr Watt has been speaking to the entire boarding community over the past few weeks about Service. Rogers has been doing its bit this year, in serving others and looking after the environment at the same time. From the Cleanup Australia at the Spit, Sleepover in the Cathedral for the Homeless, and even assisting in the Carwash for Anglicare Homelessness. As a project leading into the final part of the year, the Rogers boys would like to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Research, and assist the Glen McGrath Foundation. As you all know, many women in the community are effected by breast cancer, including some from the TSS/Rogers community over the year. More on the fundraiser in the next edition…

One of the things we are focusing on with our boys in Rogers, is preparing the boys for senior boarding life. Mr Browne wrote an article in the Band of Brothers last year about this transition program, titled “Rogers Brothers.”

It’s a big step for some, to walk out of an environment where most things you do, have help and assistance (similar to being at Home with Mum & Dad), into an environment that organisation and responsibility come back on the individual boy. This can be daunting, and for some a big big change in lifestyle. In that, over the year, we have been transitioning the Rogers boys in preparation for 2018, in the big House. The transition basically includes changing Rogers routines into a Senior Boarding House by Term 4, where the boys have to adjust to “looking after themselves” (learn independence). Under the ever-present ‘invisible’ eye of the Master of Duty, students will have to get themselves up, dressed, tidy their area, and off to breakfast on time. Return for dorm inspection, and then leave for school at 8.05am. In the afternoon the senior house routine continue through till lights out at 8.45pm. In some ways it will be a social experiment to see which boys can organise their time correctly without any external influence or ‘prodding’ from the MODs, and it gives them a taste of what to expect in 2018. Parents, if you get any feedback from the boys on the transition program, please email me.

Getting away and doing ‘something’ on the weekends is important to us in Rogers House. Whether it be, watching the 1st XV play on the Village Green, taking the bus to the beach, or just a drive up to Brisbane’s Southbank. Boys need to get outside, and enjoy what is on offer on the Coast. In Rogers we do that… and the staff love seeing the boys enjoy themselves at the beach, or just going to the movies. Most are inexpensive trips that make a real difference to what can be a sleepy weekend in a Boarding House.

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