Student of the Week – Term 1: Week 5 and 6

Week 5

Class Boy Reason
RB Mason Bogatie for always being kind and respectful to his classmates and teachers.
RC Sei Woodall for being a conscientious learner and kind classmate at all times.
RG Owen Tseng for his enthusiasm towards his learning and pleasant nature in the classroom.
RS Oscar Norcross for being polite and courteous to everyone at all times. Well done on being mature beyond your years!
1A Jason Kim for engaging in learning and approaching tasks positively.
1C Xavier Robinson for learning with enthusiasm and being a self-directed learner.
1T Archie Ackroyd for always giving his best and for being kind and courteous to everyone around him.
1W Ellis Taylor for developing good problem solving skills during maths groups.
2J Jack-John Rigby is a quiet, self-directed learner who accepts challenges and perseveres with tasks.
2H Jefferson McCarthy for always showing an interest in what we are learning, actively involving himself in news telling sessions and asking interesting questions.
2S Mac Hawkins for always “sticking at it”. He thinks of different ways to solve problems and answers questions thoughtfully.
2C Jack Moody for accepting challenges with determination. He sets himself a goal and works diligently to achieve the outcome. I am very proud of your perseverance.
3B Freddy Salmon for being such a caring and diligent student. He is a kind friend to all and is a delight to teach.
3N T J Yoo for always demonstrating exceptional behaviour in the classroom and playground. Well done on being a role model to others.
3M Phoenix O’Keefe for demonstrating an exceptionally positive attitude towards his new class and school and for modelling a growth mindset.
3/4A Alisdair Head for a settled and responsible approach to all learning.
4T Noah Jeffries for leading by example, always staying on task and being helpful in the classroom.
4P Lachlan Wilson Lachlan always puts in 110% effort in the classroom. He always wants to do his best and works very hard to be organised and stay on top of everything he needs to do.
4Z Austin Lees for his incredibly kind & thoughtful contributions in class that clearly demonstrate he is thinking of the wellbeing of those around him.
5T Max Pryse Lloyd for the way he has embraced the ideals of THRASS and Literacy Quest, demonstrating commitment and persistence as he develops new skills.
5F Patrick Frost for his consistent work ethic, asking for help when needed and giving 100% to everything he is asked of.
5G William Poole Will consistently works well in class and strives to achieve to the best of his ability. He realises the benefits of listening actively when his peers are speaking and uses their knowledge to increase his own.
5/6H Nicholas Hill for making a wonderful transition to the 5/6 Honours class, showcasing both impeccable manners and a willingness to engage in a mature and insightful way.
6S Jakeob Webster always has a positive and happy approach in all he does. This attitude ensures he has a resilience and grit to persevere when things seem difficult.
6R Jake Robertson for diligence and commitment in his allocated role. Pleasing application and consistency.
6M Campbell Ross for displaying a positive and mature approach to all of his class activities
6J Ryan Summers for demonstrating exceptional courtesy in his dealings with staff and students, and continuously making great efforts to produce work of a very high standard.
CHINESE Blair Roper of 6J for his maturity, commitment and enthusiasm in learning Chinese. He has worked conscientiously and completed most of his online homework tasks satisfactorily.
ARROWSMITH Fynn Lewis of 6R for his excellent leadership skills and for the consideration, care and the compassion he displays towards is peers n the Arrowsmith classroom.
G & T Dominic Stansbie of 6S for being reliable, punctual and highly organised student.


Week 6

Class Boy Reason
RB Michael Aronis for accepting new challenges and displaying persistence in order to achieve his goals.
RC Lucas Kim for always paying attention to detail when completing tasks.   Your persistence is admirable.
RG Hugo Brown for his exemplary behaviour in class through being a co-operative class member, following instructions and remaining focused on his work.
1A Gabriel Zagoren for displaying listening skills and following instructions.
1C Brody Lynton for his beautiful manners and his ability to see wonder, mystery and awe in the world.
1T Oscar Pryse Lloyd for being kind and considerate to others and always completing his work with effort.
1W Lachlan Bercich for his reflective and determined approach to school life.
2J Charlie Frame for overcoming challenges. He listens actively and is using his thinking skills effectively.
2H Fraser Drew for always being a polite and attentive listener during lessons.
2S Balin Pyke for being a quiet achiever.   He co-operates well with others and is always a respectful class member.
2C London Moore for his enthusiasm in learning.  London is always actively involved in every lesson and participates with enthusiasm
3N Isaac Ramsden for displaying a growth mindset. He seeks assistance from his teachers, classmates and family, and strives to achieve his absolute best. Keep up the great effort!
3M Hamish Robinson for his enthusiastic approach to learning and finding the joy in learning experiences.
3/4A Tyler Lees for showing an independent and mature approach to all of his learning.
4T Zachary Jones for working consistently in class and demonstrating a positive disposition to his classmates.
5/6H Declan Carl for his unwavering commitment to his academic studies as well as for demonstrating a willingness to step outside his comfort zone and stand as a leader.
6S Charley Phillips for being well organised and prepared for success in all subjects this year. He shows this by revising newly taught concepts, note taking and giving up his own time to catch up on tasks he may have missed.
6R Thomas Xu for continuous application, concentration and persistence.
CHINESE Nicholas Hill of 5H for his enthusiasm in learning Chinese and respectful manners in the language classroom. He has shown commitment in completing his class and online homework tasks satisfactorily.
ARROWSMITH Timothy Faber of 4Z for a massive effort with his reading and writing accuracy, and added focus and engagement during his cognitive periods.

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