Student of the Week – Term 3 – Week 2

Class Boy Reason
RB Maxwell Hamilton-Devjak for working hard to overcome challenges and improve his listening skills
RL Oskar Hennock for having a positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humour.  You bring sunshine into our classroom every day!
RG Jay Shi for his improvement in Thrass and writing, sounding out his words with his phoneme fist. Great work Jay.
RS Sebastian Mitropoulos for compassion and cooperation. Sebastian always thinks about others before thinking about himself. It’s a beautiful trait you have Sebastian!
1S Hutch Hogan for an improved effort and focus in literacy activities.
1A Jimi Kilner for positively approaching tasks and persevering to achieve goals
1C Kai Salam for improved focus and effort in class.
2J Ignatius Brierley Ignatius manages his challenges and is a courteous student who cooperates with others.
2H Hunter Cream for always having an enthusiastic and positive attitude in all situations! He continues to be an active listener following instructions carefully at all times!
2S Xavier Hamadi for being optimistic and a happy, helpful class member.
2C Roman Markey for putting in the extra effort with his ORT booklets this week.
3M Jack Stapleton for displaying a mature approach to his school work and making good decisions inside and outside of the classroom.
3N Orlando Bos for demonstrating a solid improvement in his focus and overall diligence when completing independent tasks. Keep up the great work!
3B Peter Sa for always showing respect to his friends and teachers.
3/4A Nate Wilson for a focused, studious approach to his studies and for demonstrating curiosity about our class topics.
4T Jake Ferraro for applying a positive attitude towards his studies in class.
4P Griffen Dougherty Griffen has settled in well to Semester Two. He has worked in a focused and positive manner in the classroom and has also displayed a willingness to take on new challenges.
4Z Oliver Fray for his consistent and persistent approach toward improvement & achieving to the best of his ability.
5T Iskandar Wan for his studious approach to literacy work and the positive way he handles challenging situations.
5F Cody Wood for his in depth thinking into his learning, his curiosity leads to thoughtful and constructive questioning in all subject areas.
5G Thomas Xu Thomas consistently demonstrates commitment to learning across all subjects. He strives for excellence and is humble about his success.
5/6 H Daniel Matheson for managing obstacles and challenges with composure and a growth mindset. This thinking is a wonderful addition, and a great asset, to his learning for the future.
6S Sam Richards for thinking out of the square and exploring boundless possibilities in his world.
6R Oliver Jackson for a creative and stimulating display at The Night of the Notables. It showed a true commitment to excellence.
6M Jadyn Ryan for striving to achieve his best in all aspects his school work. It’s a pleasure to teach a student who is so eager and passionate about learning,.
6J Rohan Sheppard for his insightful contributions to class discussion. Rohan actively listens to his classmates and participates thoughtfully in discussion, across all subject areas.
CHINESE Taj Massey of 5F for his consistent effort in learning and completing language tasks satisfactorily. He shows superb manners  in class and commitment in learning Chinese.
ARROWSMITH Fynn Lewis of 5T for his positive and committed attitude towards his Cognitive exercises and the manner in which he is trusting his instincts and ability. Fynn is also to be commended on the kind, caring nature that he continually brings to class and the respect that he demonstrates to his peers
ARROWSMITH Timothy Faber 3B for an excellent start to the term in his cognitive exercises and  his continued positive approach to all that he does in Arrowsmith. Timothy’s flexible mindset continues to allow him to apply gained knowledge to new situations.
CHINESE Jin Xiang Li of 6H for his super manners in class and excellent effort in completing class and online tasks satisfactorily.
MUSIC Nate Wilson of 4A for his excellent efforts in Class Music.
MUSIC Thomas McClintock of 6H for his excellent efforts in Class Music.


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