Student of the Week – Term 3, Week 3

Class Boy Reason
RB Edward McDougall for persevering with challenging tasks until they are completed.
RL Jordan Bannister for learning to accept things that cannot be changed and bouncing back.  Keep up the good work Jordan
RG Ocean Devencorn Bastos for embracing our Bounce Back topic this week and understanding the difference when problems are small or large, whether we need to worry a little or a lot. Good job Ocean.
RS Sonny Douglas for a much improved effort to his reading skills. I love that you’re listening to the goals that you’ve been given and are striving to achieve them
1S Oliver Duyck for being helpful , responsible and attentive.
1A Mason Wu for working to improve concentration and participation.
1C Adway Pareka for working well with others and being a good friend.
2J George Kakavas George works enthusiastically on his level readers and activity booklets and is motivated to move up through the stages.
2H Joshua Street for improvement in his general perseverance and effort and awesome results in his THRASS work this week.
2S Nelson Parker for a great effort in improving his Literacy skills and Handwriting.
2C Ari Hunt for being the perfect TSS gentleman.  Always polite, diligent and kind.
3M Hunter Pyke for his enthusiastic approach to learning each and every day. Hunter has a positive mindset and is a pleasure to teach.
3N Heanen Smith for always using manners and consistently showing respect to his teachers and classmates. Well done!
3B Germaine Palmer-Peacock for challenging himself to improve his English. He has been able to utilise extension work to further enhance his writing.
3/4A Ruari Wan for showing a commitment to his reading; making connections to self, text and the world in his verbal and written responses.
4T Sam Lewis for putting his classmates first and always looking out for others, lovely qualities.
4P Harper Moffrey Harper has been working well in the classroom and is making a huge effort to stay focused on his schoolwork.
4Z William Nye for making such thoughtful & positive contributions to our class discussions around treating one another with respect & kindness. Willy sets an excellent example to others in his empathetic approach.
5T Evan Armenis for his increased effort in Literacy Quest and the willingness to share his knowledge on adaptations.
5F Daniel-Tane Rogers for completing his work on time, showing determination to complete tasks and publishing a fantastic piece of writing.
5G Tristan Mayes for a fantastic start of to the Term . Motivated and enthusiastic during discussions.
5/6 H Max Carr for the consistently positive, engaged and mature approach to his learning that makes him an asset to the class.
6S Sam Ledingham Sam always has a positive and happy approach in all he does. This attitude ensures he has a resilience and grit to persevere when things seem difficult.
6R Charlie Hutchison for displaying continued application to tasks asked of him. He does so in a cheerful and positive manner.
6M Sean Sturgess for improved focus and attentive behaviours, especially during disrupted lessons and activities
6J Finn Kukas Finn Kukas for his positive start to Semester Two. Finn has demonstrated a very pleasing work ethic and a much improved focus on his studies.
ARROWSMITH Leonardo Hughes of 3B for bringing a positive and happy attitude to his new program, and for his developing organisation around his timetable and exercises.
CHINESE Iskandar Wan of 5T for his commitment in learning Chinese and a quiet achiever in the language classroom. He has presented work of a high standard.
MUSIC Christos Mitropoulos of 2H for his excellent efforts and focus in Class Music this week.
MUSIC Joshua Waters of 6M for his enthusiasm and focus when learning new music on the Jumbi Jam.
MUSIC Archer Conry of 6M for his enthusiasm and focus when learning new music on the Jumbi Jam.
G&T Hudson Sheehan of 4A for independent and high quality application to his Griffith University Competition entry. His positive attitude to growing knowledge is of credit to him.

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