Student of the Week 6, (Yr 3-6 ) Presented in Week 7

Class Boy Reason
3M Isaac Lai for showing a consistent attitude to wards his peers and teachers .
3N Zachary Jones for working exceptionally hard to improve his effort when completing independent tasks. Keep up the great work!
3B Cory Marland for being a kind, caring classmate who looks out for his friends. Cory has also been very disciplined with his academic efforts.
3/4A Hudson Sheehan for setting valuable goals for himself and showing determination to improve his work effort and results.
4T Sam Lewis for putting in an outstanding effort during numeracy and focusing during Bounceback time.
4P Ryder Martyn Ryder has improved his concentration and ability to persevere on tasks both at home and in the classroom.
4Z Alex Zack-Holt for stepping up to the challenges set before him and demonstrating a calm and thoughtful approach toward events out of his control.
5T Ethan Faber has applied himself in all areas of learning this week. He has approached every moment with enthusiasm and focus.
5F Ali Al-Jumaily for consistently asking questions and applying himself to the tasks required.  He has matured as a member of the class.
5G Connor Cummings Connor has displayed commitment to learning, with an increased effort during class tasks. He has listened to feedback and responded in a positive manner.
5/6 H Cash Milligan for showing the power of a growth mindset combined with a conscious effort
6S Sean Hamadi Sean has demonstrated throughout the year that he is quite willing to work diligently to achieve his goals. His maturity and focus has greatly assisted him.
6R BenjaminTzannes for making the Canberra trip one of humour and enjoyment. There is never a dull moment with Ben around.
6J Connor Murakami for consistently completing all his class work to very high standard and his enthusiastic attitude to learning.
CHINESE Phoenix McNab of 5/6H for his superb mannerism in class and  commitment in learning Chinese. He has worked and completed all online language tasks satisfactorily.
G&T Tadhg Stuckey of 5/6H for exemplary research skills and  dedication to task.
ARROWSMITH Chase Snelling of 3M for his hugely improved ability to focus and engage in his cognitive periods and for displaying a positive and determined attitude to his exercise. An amazing effort Chase. We are very proud of you.

Student of the Week – Term 3 Week 7

Class Boy Reason
RB Reyes Khern for being a cooperative, friendly student who demonstrates self-control and diligence at all times.
RL Matthew Pels for being eager to learn.  Matthew listens with the intent to understand and apply knowledge and this is reflected in all areas of his learning.
RG Bennett Hill for his quick grasp on ‘Ban the Boring’ and always writing creative sentences with amazing vocabulary!
RS Surin Mukenya for making a dedicated effort to show more independence and better care of his possessions. Well done Surin!
1S Tommy Klaric for settling in well to TSS and working hard to develop his understanding of THRASS.
1A Drew Gallie for listening well and working to improve the quality of his ORT booklets.
1C Hamish McEwen – Webber for asking questions and seeking solutions.
2J Max Illes Max is keen to learn. He perseveres with tasks and accepts challenges given. Max is responsible and respects others.
2H Oscar Mazey for improved attitude and effort at learning his spelling words which has resulted in better spelling results.
2S Asher Norton for always working hard to overcome difficulties and thinking of different ways to solve a problem.
2C Max Bentley for showing continued diligence in class and for being a  kind and considerate classmate.
G&T Christos Mitropoulos of 2H for excellent listening and cooperation while problem solving in a group task.
3M Nemo Hon for believing in his abilities and displaying a growth mindset.
3N Michael Dowling for always working hard to learn from his mistakes. He continually strives to accept feedback to improve his behaviour and academic work. Keep up the great effort!
3B Charles Ell for enthusiastically completing his English Information Report to very high standard.
3/4A Louis Backwell for demonstrating a ‘Growth Mindset’ when undertaking homework tasks- adding detail and improving presentation.
4T Tommy Skubris for applying himself with diligence during Literacy Quest time and providing a positive role model for the class.
4P Riley Sly This week, Riley has shown true GRIT persevering to get all of his work completed despite having a sprained hand and finding it very difficult to write.
4Z Hayden Berndt for your tremendously kind, caring & thoughtful approach toward others that is a constant reminder to all of us on just how important it is to treat one another with respect and courtesy.
5T Jason Pels for the consistently high effort applied to his mathematics investigation into weather patterns on the Gold Coast.
5F Mathias Bradbury for showing a focused approach to class.  He has displayed a positive approach to his peers and continues to improve in all areas of learning.
5G Jackson Gennari Jackson has demonstrated self-control and great decision making during class time. This has contributed to deeper understanding and higher productivity during lessons.
5/6 H Declan Carl The consistency of Delcan’s engagement, insight and organisation make him an asset to our classroom and a delight to teach.
6S Ricky East Ricky has demonstrated a positive attitude and happy disposition all year. He gets on with tasks, even if they are sometimes difficult, with no fuss.
6R Jack Jackson for sustained commitment to excellence in his equestrian pursuits. Congratulations on your EKKA results.
6M Omar Hamid for a positive personality and growth mindset in class.
6J Joseph Atkinson for demonstrating a consistent appreciation of his learning environment and thoughtfully participating in class discussion.
CHINESE Kyle Grassick of 3/4A for his mature manners and interest in learning Chinese. He has shown commitment and completed class work of a high standard.
G&T Harrison Howard of 3/4A for showing enthusiasm, organisation skills, drive and commitment to a long term task.
G&T Max Wichaidith of 3/4A for showing enthusiasm, organisation skills, drive and commitment to a long term task.

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