Student of the Week – Term 4, Week 5

Class Boy Reason
RB Charlie Poletto for always caring about his classmates. He is happy for his friends when they have done well and supports them when they are sad or hurt.
RL Tate Rossiter for taking risks with his learning.
RL Jordan Bannister for thinking about tier 2 words and sizzling starts and incorporating these into his writing.
RG Mason Ramsden for his outstanding improvement in reading throughout the semester! Keep up the great work!
RS Joshua Schmidt for stepping out of his comfort zone and displaying new found confidence.
1S Brodie Beeton for trying consistently hard in our literacy tasks this week and writing a descriptive and engaging recount.
1A Odin Smith for quietly and conscientiously approaching all tasks.
1C William Patullo for making more effort in his classwork and showing respect for his friends.
2J William Hawes William is a co-operative, kind boy who has improved his persistence with tasks as his confidence has grown.
2H Ryosei Komatsu for always giving of his best during story writing. Ryosei always writes descriptive and interesting stories using the correct punctuation.
2S Hamish Robinson for taking pride in his work and always presenting written tasks neatly and carefully.
2C James Hill for an outstanding effort on his creative writing task this week.
3M Loclan Hennock for always showing a great deal of enthusiasm and finding the fun in learning.
3N Hudson Walsh for always showing a growth mindset and working hard to improve in all areas. Keep up the great effort!
3B Max Thynne Max has displayed an enthusiastic approach to his new school, friends and teachers. He sees the positives in these new experiences.
3/4A Kyle Grassick for presenting exemplary homework each week. Kyle’s creative and critical thinking, as well as his research skills, are consistently evident in his work.
4T Jake Ferraro for working diligently in the classroom and finishing all is school work.
4P Jack Gallie Jack has worked diligently in the classroom to complete his school work. He has a positive mindset and is always striving to achieve success.
4Z Leonardo Cozzolini for actively seeking teacher feedback & using it to improve his quality of work.
5T Freddie Goss for the improved dedication toward his academic tasks and his willingness to remain focused during independent work.
5F Jack Hawes for always completing his work to a high standard. He continues to be creative is always entertaining us with his impressive stories and sharing his imagination.
5G Kael Saw Kael applies his best effort to everything he undertakes, both in and out of the classroom. He is courteous, reliable and humble. A new boy to TSS and already possesses all of the qualities that we love to see in our students.
5/6 H Daniel Matheson Daniel has reaped the rewards of improved diligence and commitment to take responsibility for his own learning this semester. Congratulations!
6S Duncan McInnes Duncan has demonstrated a can-do approach to his learning this semester. He is taking ownership of his learning and focus and the result has been greater achievement and enjoyment.
6R Nicholas Mahony for being energetic towards all tasks. If enthusiasm was graded he would be at the top of the class!!
6M Daniel Statham for his mature and consistent approach to all academic, sporting and cultural activities.
6J Ben Shuttlewood for showing great initiative and consistently demonstrating a wonderfully positive attitude in his approach to all class tasks and activities in the wider school community.
CHINESE Alexander Hill of 6M for his enthusiasm and consistent effort in learning Chinese. He is an exemplary student in the language classroom.
G&T Christos Mitropoulos of 2H for finding innovative solutions to problem solving challenges.
G&T Jack Beeton of 3/4A for creative contributions to a collaborative group task.
ARROWSMITH Timothy Faber of 3B for showing a positive growth mindset, and a new determination towards his cognitive exercises. Great work Timothy.

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