Student of the Week

Week 4

RB Cash Motley Musgrave For accepting the challenge to uplevel his sentences when writing recounts. Cash really enjoys using words from the WOW Wall and presenting his work very neatly.
RC Noah Sterritt Musgrave For his hard working attitude, and always trying his best!
RG Jayden Kim Shepherd For writing an amazing recount about our Nippers Excursion and for including adjectives to entertain the reader!
RS Roger Robertson Shepherd For being an enthusiastic member of the class and always accepting challenges.
1C Michael Aronis Musgrave For improving his work ethic in all subjects and recognising that it is not always a race to the finish.
1K Abhishek Kulasekara Musgrave For being a kind and caring student who is always enthusiastic about learning. You have been working extremely hard this term to get your work completed within the given time. Well Done!
1T Simon Zhang Mitre For his consistent effort and accuracy with leter formation and handwriting always staying in the red and blue lines.
1Z Lucas Kim Shepherd For his enthusiastic and persistent approach toward learning that is seeing him produce outsanding results.
2J Jack Merrifield Shepherd Jack is an active participant in class lessons and makes an effort to extend his thinking skills.
2H Maxim Ashomka Musgrave Maxim is a great thinker in Maths, he continues to be a diligent worker and has produced some excellent results.
2S Dashiel Malandris Shepherd For always being a very polite boy and a willing helper at all times. Dash is caring and considerate towards his classmates.
2W Jason Kim musgrave Jason always considers the feelings of others and communicates in a way that is kind, empathetic and considerate. You are a great friend, JASON.
TALENT DEVELOPMENT R-2 Jethro Ellis Dixon For always trying his best by setting high standards, checking and finding ways to improve his work.
3M Jenson Pritchard Dixon for persevering with a super positive mindset and applying diligence to his class work.
3N Charlie Frame Musgrave For always being kind to others through both his actions and words. He works hard to include and get along with his peers. Well done, Charlie!
3S Remy Lavirotte Shepherd For his valuable and passionate dedication to history. Remy absorbs history facts and diligently tries to learn more each and every week.
3/4A Nikolas Kuridza Shepherd Nikolas has worked well to stay up to date with his work and assessment given his absences with illness
4C James Yu Dixon James goes about his work in a quiet manner. His effort and focus has been reflected in the high standard of work that he regularly produces.
4F Augie Herman Dixon Augie has displayed a sense of self discipline. He has been able to practice self-control and manage his impulses. It’s great that he can think and reflect on the consequences before he acts.
4T George Kakavas Musgrave George has had a fantastic start to Term 4. He applies himself diligently to all set tasks and has been working hard to focus on displaying positive learning behaviours and achieving his learning goals.
5W Charlie Ell Shepherd Charlie has worked consistenly throughout the term, but he made a particularly great effort on his Gold Rush assessment task.
6J Gabriel Bradbury Mitre For his thoughtful take on the Big Write task. Gabriel crafted a wonderful description and was able to include a great variety well considered language features.
6M Hugh Greener Mitre Positive approach to all school aspects and always displaying a mature level of personal organisation
6R Hayden Berndt Mitre Hayden has conscientiously worked with myself and other students to promote a positive and respectful learning environment. Well done Hayden on a terrific year and good luck at the Senior School.
6S Sebastian Robbie Dixon For reflecting on his effort and focus and making a conscious decision to work on improving in these areas.
TALENT DEVELOPMENT 3-6 Thomas Ashe Shepherd For persevering in tasks, even in the face of adversity and for thinking flexibly to find solutions. Thomas demonstrated true resilience to the end.
CHINESE Craig Russell Shepherd Craig has shown maturity and commitment to his learning of the Chinese language. He worked conscientiously in class and completed work of a high standard this week.

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