Student of the Week – Week 4

Class Boy Reason
RB Charlie Goodchap for listening actively and showing respect and kindness to others.
RC Jack Arnell for putting in 100% effort with every task.
RG James Nutley for his ability to work independently and to solve problems without teacher assistance.
RS Leon Noble for turning big problems into small problems and turning small problems into “no problems.” Proud of you Leon!
1A Caelan Fitch for his mature approach to learning.
1C Jackson McDonald for always being well mannered and respectful to others and for being a conscientious learner.
1T Kenny Blackburne for consistent effort, independence  and application to tasks during literacy and numeracy activities.
1W Reyes Khern for his focus and dedication during maths lessons.
2J Rainer Mckim Rainer is very polite and cooperative. He makes an effort with set tasks and enjoys the challenge of seeking out information on topics of interest.
2H Jake Whitton for ‘sticking at it’ when doing written work and completing his tasks.
2S Kai Salam for being a positive and co-operative influence in the classroom.
2C Darius Lees for being a contentious and hardworking student. I am really proud of the way you tackle all tasks with enthusiasm and a determination to work independently.
3B Ari Hunt for an outstanding start to the year. Ari has shown tremendous effort and kindness in class and amongst his peers during break times.
3N Ashton Bates for always demonstrating a high level of kindness and respect, and for consistently using manners. You are a delight to teach!
3M Nicky Hall for outstanding effort and organisation inside and outside of the classroom.
3/4A Lachlan Crain for a mature, responsible and helpful approach to all people and to the many challenges presented at the Year 4 camp.
4T William Barnes for consistent focus in class and setting a wonderful example for his fellow students.
4P Jake Cummings Jake has demonstrated an excellent work ethic and is always striving to achieve his best.
4Z Cory Marland for taking responsibility for his learning & investing his best efforts into the tasks set for him.
5T Taj Kelly for demonstrating commitment toward independent tasks during literacy rotations, completing his work to a high standard.
5F Aryan Gupta for his perseverance at camp to work through problems and his ability to settle in, make new friends and complete his work.
5G William Nye for being determined and willing to place himself outside his comfort zone. William continually shows that he is willing to try new things and adopts a positive attitude whilst doing so. Well done William.
5/6H Tadhg Stuckey for demonstrating such a diligent and mature approach to all his studies to commence the year.
6S Jack Gilbertson Jack has demonstrated real grit and resilience over the opening two weeks of the year in class and on camp. This will no doubt help Jack throughout the year in all endeavours.
6R Tristan Mayes for devoting time effort and energy to his Clay and Candles contribution. Took up the challenge with success.
6M Griffen Poole for displaying impressive positive psychology in tasks that aren’t necessarily his preferred choice.
6J Kael Saw for making a consistent effort to focus on set tasks and use his time wisely. Kael has made an excellent start to the term, demonstrating great initiative and time management skills.
CHINESE Angus Ayre of 6H for his commitment and effort in learning Chinese. He works conscientiously in class and completed the language task satisfactorily.
ARROWSMITH Lewis Ashe of 5F for going above and beyond by trying new experiences and stepping outside of his comfort zone while he was on camp. This took trust in his teachers, courage and tenacity. Well done Lewis.

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