Student of the Week :  Week 6 , R – 2

Class Boy Reason
RB Ryan Dodhy for improving his time management skills and completing set written tasks, independently.
RL Carter Cosgrove for showing kindness to others.
RG Armando Abdelshahied for always being a happy and cheerful member of RG.
RS Kaius Ho For working really hard on his writing skills. Well done on being willing to ‘make a mistake.’
1S Mac Hawkins for improving his stamina and focus during Literacy tasks and quickly developing his knowledge of the THRASS Chart since beginning in Term One.
1A Carter Whyatt for using efficient strategies to solve Mathematics problems.
1C Archer Moore-Wilton for showing a greater effort to be a self-directed learner.
2J Isaac Ramsden Isaac has made an effort to work on academic goals set for him to improve outcomes. He shows kindness to others and is a respectful member of the class
2H Jack Quinn for being such a happy, active and enthusiastic learner. He is understands his own thinking and expresses it well.
2S Hudson Leeding for always being a helpful class member and for showing greater focus and concentration to improve his handwriting.
2C James Hill for showing diligence in class and perseverance with his work tasks.


Student of the Week :  Week 7 , R – 6

Class Boy Reason
RB Archie Bradnam for working hard to improve his listening and concentration skills.
RL Bo Isaksson for showing persistence when faced with challenges.  Keep working hard Bo.
RG Arden Shepherd for his improvement in self control and respectfully raising his hand when he wishes to share with the class.
RS Jack Merrifield for being an energetic learner. I love how Jack smiles all day long.
1S Oliver Croy for improving his focus and stamina during Literacy tasks and attempting to add detail into his writing.
1A Drew Gallie for improved concentration and self discipline in the classroom.
1C Terry Yoo for trying hard at all his class work and staying optimistic.
2J Jordan Scott Jordan always makes an effort with his handwriting, neatness and presentation. His bookwork is a pleasure to observe and his desk is well organised and tidy.
2H Jude Dougherty for amazing progress in THRASS! He has demonstrated perseverance and resilience in learning something new this year.
2S Connor Sibley for trying very hard to improve his standard of work and for being a polite and cooperative class member.
2C Buster Douglas for his positive attitude in class and effort in writing activities.
3M Kaelan Drysdale for persisting with his many end of semester assessments with a positive attitude.
3N Charlie Cleland for always working hard to complete homework tasks to an exceptional standard. Keep up the great effort, Charlie!
3B Rhys Stansbie for his positive attitude and enthusiastic engagement in all learning activities. His efforts this term have been outstanding and it is pleasing to see a student who is so eager to learn.
3/4A Hrithik Ramachandra for asking interesting questions and applying a ‘Growth Mindset’ when completing homework tasks.
4T Noah Dunn for maintaining a positive attitude in class and caring for others.
4P Angus Monie as a new student this term, Angus has worked hard to develop his understanding of THRASS and has a positive attitude to his learning.
4Z Cisco Ivory for proactively seeking out opportunities to extend himself & produce work which is reflective of his true capability.
5T Nicky Hayes for always approaching tasks with a keen attitude and completing his work to a high standard.
5F Samuel Steel for his continued efforts to make the classroom a positive space.  He is cooperating and working effectively to get the best results for both himself and the group.
5G Aru Goel for remaining focused and engages in lessons, participating and offering thoughtful and insightful suggestions
5/6 H Tadhg Stuckey for going above and beyond the expectation in his HASS assignment to show a rich understanding of the concepts presented.
6S Harry Lavery Despite having an injury which required two surgical operations in three weeks and putting up with obvious discomfort, Harry has soldiered on with a smile and a can do attitude in and out of class.
6R Baden Kruger for showing both courage and pride to perform a tribute to the National Anthem in Yugambeh Language at last week’s assembly.
6M Will Cox for producing high quality literacy based work leading up to the end of the term.
6J Hayden Wilson for continually setting high expectations of himself and focusing on task, to meet those expectations.
CHINESE Broc Nickalls of 6R for his consistent  effort in learning Chinese and in completing language tasks satisfactorily. He is an exemplary language student in class.
G&T Thomas Skubris of 4T for focused attention in class and higher order contributions to discussions.
ARROWSMITH Fynn Lewis of 5T for really striving for accuracy and trying to form perfect symbols in his Tracing cognitive, whilst increasing the number of lines need to obtain Mastery at this level.

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