Student of the Week, Week – 8

Class Boy Reason
RB Dalton Jones for being cooperative, respectful and kind to his classmates.
RL Sonny Connors for being a thoughtful and considerate class member and for making valuable contributions to the class community.
RG Owen Hill for trying hard to improve in focus and listening. Keep up the good work!
RS Nate Rameau for taking the next step in his writing skills. Love the sizzling starts and adjectives that you’re beginning to use Nate!
1S Max Hughes for working hard to improve his story writing and structure this week.
1A Fynn Holtsbaum for enthusiasm.
1C Toby Newton for demonstrating value in work presentation.
2J Jem Uccellini Jem has made increasing efforts to focus and concentrate on tasks. Jem has become mindful of achieving goals set for him.
2H Luke Gilbertson for having a positive attitude when facing challenging tasks and sticking at it! I am very proud of your efforts this week Luke!
2S Lachlan Cleverly for making a concerted effort to improve his writing skills.
2C Levi Lutherus for his positive attitude and effort in writing.
3M Kayode Omomo for always being willing to try new things.
3N Devraj Singh for demonstrating an improvement in your willingness to go the ‘extra mile’ in your learning. Keep up the great effort, Devraj!
3B Noah Jeffries for always looking for the positives in everything he does. He is a happy, kind and caring young man.
3/4A Hudson Sheehan for showing improved application in homework and class tasks.
4T Luke Kearney for consistently applying himself in class and displaying a positive and productive disposition.
4P Edward Hodgson for demonstrating improved effort and focus in the classroom and for being an enthusiastic learner.
4Z Hayden Berndt for your exemplary use of courtesy and respect toward others. You set an excellent example to others with your positive attitude & helpful approach.
5T Will Speering for the relentless effort he puts into his work and his positive approach to challenging tasks.
5F Chez Bos for his continued efforts in all learning areas. His enthusiasm and motivation to do his best have been pleasing to see.
5G Aidan Arthur for outstanding effort and beautiful presentation of his Literacy Quest Booklets.
5/6 H Etienne Chabert for an incredibly positive, diligent approach to his learning. It’s wonderful to see him reaping the rewards of a growth mindset.
6S Conna Watson Conna’s enthusiasm and attention to detail and task completion has helped him achieve outstanding progress in all areas of the curriculum. He is also more aware that avoiding distractions greatly assists this development.
6R Charlie Carlos for exhibiting improved focus and concentration in classroom activities. There appears to be some ‘grit’ in his approach.
6M Hassan Radhi Consistently completing all his class work to very high standard and his enthusiastic attitude to learning.
6J Hunter Potts for demonstrating a consistent awareness of classroom expectations and maintaining a diligent work ethic, throughout the term.
CHINESE Sean Hamadi of 6S for his super mannerism in the language classroom and consistent effort in completing his online language homework tasks satisfactorily.
G&T Finn Allman of 6H for consistent hard work in mathematics and completing required tasks in a timely manner.
ARROWSMITH Matthew Duncan of 3B for a huge improvement in his Tracing accuracy and for being able to consecutively master 5 sets of Equal Length Hands Clocks. This requires a great level of sustained focus and engagement. An amazing effort from Matthew.

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