Student of the Week

Week 5, R-6

Class Boy Reason
RB Samuel Mu for displaying good humour and perseverance when working on challenging tasks.
RL Ewan Grassick for taking responsible risks by trying new activities.
RG Ziqi Huang or his outstanding effort in Thrassing out words and being a digraph detective.
RS Eden Purza-Page for creativity and always having a unique point of view.
1S Jefferson McCarthy for consistently putting his best effort into tasks and always being polite to his peers and teachers.
1A Max Cole for positively approaching all tasks and showing a keen interest in topics studied.
1C Vivian Zhou for his increasing efforts to be a responsible member of 1C.
2J Edward Dan has made an effort to focus and keep pace with work tasks. He demonstrates courtesy and respect for others.
2H Jason F for making a pleasing effort in his organisation and working hard on his written tasks.
2S Hamish Kitchin for making a big effort to improve his knowledge and understanding, especially in Maths.
2C Rhys Cowan for a positive attitude to his school work and giving of his best in class all week.
3M James Lynton for his excellent effort in all areas of the curriculum. He works with purpose and enthusiasm in his day to day .
3N Austin Lees for an enormous improvement in his focus, concentration and participation during lessons. Keep up the great work!
3B Callahan Maher for always using positive thoughts and determination to constantly improve.
3/4A Claude Chabert for demonstrating great endeavour in spelling and literacy tasks.
4T Oscar Yared for displaying perseverance during Numeracy groups and for working diligently to improve his Literacy Quest efforts .
4P Leo Llewellyn Leo demonstrated focus and diligence in the classroom. He is persistent in his learning and always strives for excellence.
4Z William Poole for your commitment toward investing your ‘best efforts’ this 2nd term of Year 4 .
5T Jake McPhee for approaching literacy sessions with a growth mindset and his willingness to assist his peers.
5F Xan Gane has been working on his self-control and managing his impulses. He has moved out of his comfort zone and continues to accept new challenges. Well done Xan!
5G Cruz Ferris-Nathan for exercising the Habit of Mind of ‘Sticking at it’. Cruz has put his best efforts towards maintaining concentration to get classroom tasks completed.
5/6 H Phoenix McNab for demonstrating a meticulously thorough approach towards his History research and for the wonderfully creative presentation of his ‘Ten to One’ events list.
6S Tobiah Goffsassen After a challenging period, Toby demonstrated resilience and real grit to come through the other side and get on top of his work. This has coincided with him feeling more positive and enjoying his time at school.
6R Harry Goffman for impressing our visiting teacher, Mr Hogan, with his classroom manners and participation.
6M Oliver O’Neill for displaying flexibility and adaptability to all classroom activities.
6J Laurie Dougherty for demonstrating a consistent appreciation of his learning environment and applying himself to meet challenges set.
CHINESE Jake Frenklah of 3/4A for his enthusiasm, positive and excellent approach to learning Chinese. He is an exemplary student in class.
G&T Rauri Wan of 3/4A for outstanding contribution at Philosophy Club.


R-2 – Week 4

Class Boy Reason
RB Alan Zheng for overcoming challenges and always being respectful to his teachers and friends.
RL Cooper Selwood-Debelak for using his imagination to think of new ways of doing things
RG Yar Skrobotov for sticking at his learning even when it becomes challenging. Great work Yar!
RS Saxon Snell for becoming a real leader in the classroom. Saxon is engaged and focused at all learning opportunities. Well done!
1S Aiden Yeh for adding detail into his writing and demonstrating independence in most class activities.
1A Jenson Pritchard for working with determination to improve handwriting and spelling
1C William Hardy for always being optimistic and for learning his months of the year song.
2J William Hawes for his increasing confidence and effort to accept challenges. William shows improvement in goals set for him.
2H Ryosei Komatsu for making a consistent effort to improve the neatness of his work and always writing interesting and well – constructed sentences.
2S Sam Skubris for completing written tasks using thoughtful and imaginative ideas and displaying good sentence structure.
2C Orlando Reardon for showing determination and perseverance when completing work tasks.


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