Report on the TSS Prep Rainforest

Report written by Gabriel Bradbury and Jake Ferraro  4T.

Hello my name is Jake Ferraro and this is Gabriel Bradbury from 4T at the Preparatory school at TSS. At TSS prep there is a rainforest. Today we are going to tell you about what happens down at the chicken coop.

Down at the rainforest they build many types of structures such as Fake Fire pits, Shelters, Brick Creations, Mining Holes, Clay Holes, Bottle Flowers and many more creations. Some of the equipment they use to build these structures are Bricks, Pans, Clay, Tyres, Branches, Spades, Buckets, Wheelbarrows, Trees, Rakes, Drains, Fake Cement, Gutters, Brooms, Hay, Plants and Old  Rubbish.

In the Rainforest they have created their very own businesses. They are,,, and There is pretend currency to buy bricks and land from that.

Some people that go there even pick up the chickens and play with them. The chickens are very soft and calm. The rainforest is a great place to just sit down and be by yourself. At the rainforest there are many sports like chicken rugby.

At the rainforest there are jobs to earn money such as lemon dollars, lime dollars, mango dollars. Some of the jobs are Mining, Building, Gardening, Trading, Management and Playing with the Chickens. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as the boys enjoy their time with the help of Mrs Wallace and Miss Nixon.


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