Take My Ride

Caitlin Anderson – Wellbeing Health Promotion Officer

It’s often our experiences that define us as a person, our future decision making and how we interact with others.

From a young age, most of us are encouraged to ‘step into someone else’s shoes’ so that we develop a sense of gratitude for the life that we live, and empathy for the challenges faced by those around us.

Last week our Wellbeing Health team, with the help of Mr Daniel Trollope, wanted to create an experiential learning opportunity for a small group of Year 11 students.

In light of the recent spinal cord injuries in GPS Rugby, and in recognition of the efforts of Perry Cross, an old boy of TSS, we ran ‘Take My Ride.’

Ten students and two staff were briefed by Mr Trollope before sitting into a wheelchair for the morning. All participants were required to navigate a ‘wheelchair friendly’ path to all classes, to use the disabled bathrooms and to ask for help if required.

Here are some of their reflections:

“Looking back at my few hours confined to a wheel chair, overwhelmed and uniquely educated are terms that come to mind! The difficulties of simply moving around, planning a route from A to B, and navigating a doorway are just a few of the considerations. Having had this amazing experience, I will never underrate the importance of assistance for the wheelchair bound, or for that matter anyone with a disability.” – Nash Wright, Year 11.

“Some people don’t fully understand and appreciate how hard it actually is to be in a wheelchair, simple things like opening a door or getting around a rock can be quite a difficult process. I would encourage to have this experience every year as it opens people’s eyes to what life would be like living in a wheelchair and how you have to adapt to certain situations.” – Wilson Statham, Year 11.

We hope that this experience not only enhances our boys’ understanding of spinal cord injuries, but also encourages them to take a little longer next time before consider a risky decision that could result in a lifelong consequence.

A huge thank you to Wicked Wheelchairs and the Perry Cross Foundation for your support.

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