Teacher in Profile

Teacher in profile:  Kate Waring

I currently teach:  Year 12 Chemistry, Year 12 and 11 Biology
My other responsibilities include: HOD of Science, Coordinator of the Ideal Teacher Program and President of the TSS Staff Association
I’ve previously taught: Maths, PE, Junior science and Chemistry and Biology for Year 10 and 11

Units I am currently teaching: Oxidation/Reduction and Voltaic cells for Year 12 Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology for Year 12 Biology and Cell Biology for Year 11.

How I go about engaging boys in my classroom: I am a big believer in constructivist teaching method – using questioning techniques to elicit responses and so establish a baseline of knowledge on which to build upon. I also try to relate the student’s learning as much as possible to everyday life, in order to make it more interesting and enjoyable – trying to make learning more “real”.

I’ve been at TSS since: July 1999.

I came to TSS from: AB Patterson College where I taught for 18 months after returning to UQ to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Education– before that, I spent 15 years as a Pharmacist working in retail Pharmacy, both in a full-time and part-time capacity while I had my 3 children.

This year I’m involved in co-curricular at TSS : I am involved with helping manage the Rugby 1st XV regarding their hydration, recovery, diet, strapping and first aid, I also manage the Open Rowers.

I’m currently reading: “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson – an amazing book about persistence that was necessary to  climb the Siula Grande, which is a mountain in the Waywash mountain range in the Peruvian Andes.

Career aspect of which I’m proud: I am proud of the numbers of students I have taught whom go on to further studies and become passionate about their jobs and their lives.

An area of expertise/passion in education is: Making my students self-motivated with their learning, in order to achieve the best they possibly can and be passionate about something. I also hope to provide a strong female role model and to instil in my students that they always remember to treat women with respect.

A leader I respect is: Maggie Thatcher – especially her courage to overcome adversity and change British politics by becoming the first female Prime Minister and her adherence to British Policy in retaking the Falkland Islands and tackling the Trade Unions.

My Myers Briggs profile is: ESFJ

I’m grateful for: My family – I have been married to Craig for 34 years and we have 3 wonderful children – my youngest John is a Pilot and working as an Instructor at Coolangatta airport, my daughter Nia is a teacher and is expecting her first child (Craig and my first Grandchild) in April, she lives in Japan with her husband who plays rugby for the Wallabies and Suntory. My eldest child Andrew, has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Doctorate of Physiotherapy, he is currently studying for a Masters of Musclo-Skeletal Sports Physiotherapy and lives in Bali. My parents were both wonderful roles models for my 2 brothers and myself – they did it tough financially by sending the three of us to Brisbane Grammar Schools – but we have hopefully repaid them many times over in kind!

I go about maintaining balance and wellbeing in my lifestyle by: Running about 6kms, three mornings a week. I am a huge believer in “health body – healthy mind.”  A glass of vino while cooking the evening meal also helps.

Something students might not know about me is: When I was at BGGS, I played in the U18’s Queensland Waterpolo team, my degree is a Bachelor of Pharmacy from UQ and Mr Richard Dobrenov (those of you that remember him) is one of my little brothers.


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