The Making of Men – Young Warriors Camp 2017

We all know about the importance of fathers spending time with their sons. The relationship a boy has with his father greatly shapes the man he will become in the future. The window of opportunity for us as dads to spend time with our sons becomes somewhat limited in the current world we live. As a general finding, researchers note that although time with children is important, it isn’t necessarily the amount, but the quality of that time that matters. Especially when our time is limited, we need to make sure that the opportunities to be with our sons count.

Last Friday evening, 52 dads and their sons had the opportunity to spend the night on the Prep School Oval. This provided the boys an opportunity to spend some quality time with their dad without the distraction of digital devices, other family members and work commitments.

The overnight camp was an opportunity for the boys to learn a little bit more about their dads through the sharing of their personal stories and life lessons. It was fantastic to watch as the boys listened intently to the storielast s they were being told by their parent but also of the other stories of parents in the group. I am positive that all boys positively benefited from this experience as it was a time of intense conversation and learning.

Friday evening around the camp fire was a highlight of the weekend as the boys showcased their talents for their parents and friends. A rendition of Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees was sung by all.

To conclude the camp, the dads had the opportunity to tell their son what they truly loved about him. This honouring session was very special, as the boys had the chance to listen to their parent explain to them why they loved him and why they were proud of him. The boys also presented their dad with a special hand made card that let them know how much they meant to them. To see the smiles on the boys’ faces and warm embraces given to their parent after their ‘honouring session’ made the camp an extremely worthwhile experience for all involved.

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