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Mr Jaye Beutel – Thorold Housemaster

Term 1, Week 7

Week 7 and Beyond

There is no doubt that the beginning of this year has been the bearer of many challenges, recent illnesses aside, Term 1 2018 will be remembered for the grit, determination and resilience of our wonderful young men and the staff and parents who support them. As we gain some clarity on what the end of term will look like and when it will occur, it is a great time to reflect on the growth of the House over the past seven weeks. The House Officials; Grady, Jed, Gus, Jake and Charlie, with the support of the entire group of Dorm Captains have proved their effectiveness as seniors of 2018 and stewardship of their House. While their are many individual standout performances, it has been the collective drive and efforts which have seen brother to brother support.

Over the next few weeks  Mr Hellier and I will be working with the House in various forums to setup an exciting and rewarding Term 2. In particular, the return of the Thorold Vegetable Garden – a project which has sat in the wings for a while now. This will hopefully pave a way for the current Year 8s to involve the Rogers Boys into the Senior House once a week. There have already been some big plans by the Year 8s in this space, so watch out!

Term 2 will also see the “Thorold Shed” open it’s doors. We have set aside a bay in the garage under the House and converted it into a workshop of sorts. In this space we will commence little projects which will enable boys to share skills, learn new ones, spend time with mates and off devices, producing projects which will have a positive impact on the wider community. It is hoped that our first project will be the refurbishment of a baby change table and cot, which we will then donate to the local women’s shelter. As part of the Servant Leadership core value we will be committing ourselves to more projects like this into the future to not only broaden our experiences, but to help others along the way.

Finally, I would like to say another heartfelt thank you to all those parents and families who have assisted in anyway this term. The list is too long to mention individuals, but please know the staff of Thorold House are truly grateful.

A special personal mention to Mr Adam Hellier and Ann Duncan for their magnificent efforts and ever caring approach this term, what a first term they’ve had. Their support and ability to go over and beyond each day is amazing and something that I am indebted to them both for, thank you.

Parents and friends, please come and say hello when collecting your sons at the end of term, if you don’t have a chance then have a great extended time with your sons home for Easter.

Thank you



Thorold House Core Values 

Over the course of 2017 Thorold House took on the task of revisiting the core values which has made Thorold what it is today. The key to this process was involving the boys, mentor staff and resident masters in understanding what we wanted, collectively, to be our mission and vision for the House and boys who live within. Each edition of the Boarding Bulletin we will explore one of the core values, by doing so we hope that parents, friends and family gain great insight into what it means to be a Thoroldian.

History of Thorold House
Arthur Charles Campbell Thorold attended Cambridge House School in Sussex and was admitted to Worcester College Oxford in 1892 obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in December 1899. Thorold was appointed at TSS in 1906, and during 1908, Thorold agreed to construct his own residence, large enough to incorporate boarding accommodation. Thorold was responsible for the establishment of the first official School magazine The Southportonian, he also established the boat club and suggested and implemented the House Shield competition. Thorold was also responsible for the introduction of the representative blazer. Thorold Boarding House was established in 1908.
Thorold House is the first house and oldest of the twelve houses at The Southport School.

A sense of belonging is a part of any family unit— and as such the boarding house is a large family unit which requires a greater sense of belonging for it to function effectively internally and with the outside community. The ‘belonging’ approach to the boarding family, and indeed the house, is directly supported by the elements of leadership and service from within the community. Therefore, the boarding leadership framework and mentor program aim to foster this through a set of core values that underpin the day to day life as a Thorold House boarder.

Thorold House has a proud history of being a leader in terms of not only house and school spirit within the greater school community, but also excels in providing a safe, nurturing environment all boys of the house, while challenging each individual to pursue excellence in their fields of strength and interest.

Thorold House Core Values
Thorold House has built a strong reputation on seven core values which each Thoroldian should aspire to live by each day. The House expects that through understanding and realising the virtues of each core value that they will continue to proudly contribute to a legacy of young gentlemen who have lived in this great house.

Servant Leadership

The virtue of Servant Leadership should be found at the centre of all missions as Thoroldians. In everything we do we look to how we can serve others before serving ourselves.

“And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” Mark 9:35

Attributes of a Servant Leader;

  • Values diverse opinions
  • Cultivates a culture of trust
  • Develops other leaders
  • Helps people with life issues
  • Encourages
  • Sells instead of tells
  • Thinks you, not me
  • Thinks long-term
  • Acts with humility


110 Year Anniversary Thorold House Tie and Cuff link Set – ON SALE

2018 marks 110 years since boys first call Thorold House ‘a home away from home’ here at The Southport School. To help celebrate this milestone we will be organising a number of events and projects throughout the year, with the first being the selling of a limited edition (110) tie and cuff link sets.

Through the Parent Lounge, current Thorold Boys will be able to purchase the following custom made silk woven tie and metal cast cuff links. The sale will close off on April 26th, when all remaining sets will be available for purchase by Old Boys, past House Staff and TSS Staff.

They cost $90.00 per set and will be ready for collection in early Term 2. All proceeds from the sale of these items will go towards the 110 Year Anniversary Projects such as; flagpole installation and flag, park benches around Thorold House, BBQ area shelter and a House artwork piece.


Boarder Leave – What is expected?

Boarders lead active lives and frequently attend social, family, cultural and co-curricular activities. Therefore, it is important that these details are on our leave system and are up to date so that we can assist in providing these leave opportunities. Our aim is to approve and facilitate leave to all boarders on the grounds that it is safe and their is a responsible adult collecting and returning our young men.

As you would know at TSS we use the Boarding Management System called REACH, which enables boarders and residential staff to manage leave arrangements and permissions at any given time. REACH is available through parent and student portal, but is also an Android and Apple App – making it very user friendly and accessible.

In Thorold House we have a few expectations on leave which the boys have down to a fine art right now, but bear keeping them fresh in our mind;

  • The individual boy (boarder) is responsible for his leave. This way it easily makes its way to parents for checking and approval (or decline) and then to the Housemaster.
  • Weekend Leave is DUE no later than 7pm Thursday nights. It provides adequate time for approvals and checking of any missing information.
  • Boys must include as much details as possible, particularly when going on Ad Hoc Host Leave. Contact names, phone numbers and home addresses are vital for any Housemaster approval.
  • Should leave be not to the Housemaster’s satisfaction, it will be declined which then sends an email to the boy and parents on reasons why. The leave request may then be resubmitted if the reasons for decline have been addressed.

It would be remiss of me not to state, no boy will be allowed to go on leave until his parents or host physically come to Thorold House and sign him out with the Master on Duty. Should a boy be leaving our care whilst on a sport or recreational outing, then the collecting Parent or Host needs to call the Master on Duty phone 0404 561 707

As Term 1 is now closing on Friday 23rd of March, it is timely that I ask all parents and boys to consider entering leave into REACH. Due date for all End of Term/Start of Term Arrangements will be Friday 16th March. 



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